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What do you do the day before a horse show?

What do you do the day before a horse show?
If it is a three day, big horse show. I get there 1-2 days early, and school in the show ring, and just let my pony see the whole property. But if it is just a one day show, I go out to the barn and bathe or brush my pony. Sometimes I do a quick hack or even a few jumps, but not to much. I ALWAYS clean my tack well. I pack everything I might need in my riding backpack too.
I bath my horse 2 days before and then the day before I don’t ride (no sweat marks), I put in some elbow grease grooming, clean my tack and pack EVERYTHING
Hi! I prepare all the stuff I am going to need for the show at the barn (helmet, saddle, care products...).
At home I prepare some food to carry with me, clothes, lip balm, botte of water...

I try to go to bed early even if it can be hard to sleep aha 😉