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Ask Bucas : How many blankets do you advise to have for one horse?

Ask Bucas : How many blankets do you advise to have for one horse?
I know this isn’t a question for me but I’m still going to say what I think and maybe it can help! My horse has a light, medium, and heavyweight blanket. She also has a fleece cooler. It depends on the weather where you live but if it’s cold enough for a heavyweight then I would suggest getting a medium and probably a light as well. You don’t want to put a heavyweight on if it’s too warm! Hope this helps!
Thank you very much for the answer! I just got a new horse this winter, he sleeps in a stable but is in the field all day long. He has two heavy blankets now (one for inside and one for outside) so should I buy a medium and a light one?
Hi Kareen, that is a personal question! Have as many as you think you need!
Ideally you have heavy, medium and light turnout rug for the different times of the year but of course that is if you are able to turn your horse out! So it is not such an easy question to answer!
A good cooler rug is always useful! To keep your horse clean right after you wash and prepare to go to a show, to travel in and to put on if your horse is sweaty after working!
A nice warm stable rug is great for stabled horses and of course if your horse is turned out a good waterproof turnout rug will help keep your horse warm and happy when turned out.
What you should think about is where your horse lives? Are they stabled? If so, is it inside or outside and which way is it facing if outside? Does your horse live outside all year round? Is there shelter in the field etc?
So unfortunately Kareen is is not an easy answer!
The Bucas Team