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What was your biggest riding accident/fail?

What was your biggest riding accident/fail?
I have fractured my left zygomatic Arch Which is the upper part of my left eye socket, my shoulder blade, both clavicles, 2 thoracic vertebrae, fractured my left hip, both my knees have been dislocated, my left medial collateral ligament was torn at the adhesion to the Bone, and my left ankle was broken in three places
My horse decided to show everyone how athletic he was. We put 3 strides in a 6, over an Oxer. I have no idea how I stayed on but we made it! But it’s not nearly as bad as everyone else’s!
Once I fell off at a show (FYI this was when I was 7) but I fell off backwards and the horse kicked at the same time so i got kicked in the face and i was knocked out
Hi Félicie,
Two years ago I fell with my horse over a jump, he rushed toward the fence and didn't raise his knees so we both fell...
He fell on me, I broke my ankle and hurt my knee badly but my horse was alright so it was the most important!