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How many horses do you own/show/ride?

How many horses do you own/show/ride?
Hi Brooklyn, I own one, show 2, and ride 3-4 depending on how busy the horses' owners schedule is that week! I ride my own horse daily, ride the one I show 1-2 times a week, and train the other two also 1-2 times a week.
Two ones a lesson horse I see every Sunday called black I usually ride her or jenson I ride on Thursday for polo cross but in total only 4 the other two are lesson horses basil and harry
I have 8 in total, I am only riding 2 over the winter since I don't have an indoor arena, but will be riding 6 once all the snow is melted. One is a baby I will start this spring and the oldest is retired from riding. Most are showjumpers but one is a quarterhorse we ride western.
I own 6 two of them are miniature horses and he others are Welsh ponies
I own one horse and I mainly ride her, but I also ride many of the other horses at the barn! Mostly Arlo (cute pony who’s still getting trained), Lilly, and Jazz
Hi Brooklyn!

I own a 10 years old French pony, I show another one and I ride a few other horses depending on my trainer's need 🙂

What about you?