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What is your favorite saddle brand?

What is your favorite saddle brand?
Wintec and Bates all the way
I love my wintec
I love my devachuah (not sure if that’s how you spell it)
Love my Passier Dressage Saddle🥰
I love Albion saddles they offer so much support and comfort! They also vary so much so you can be sure if you find the right one it will supply comfort for your horse as well
@charlotteshaw so jealous 😻😻😍
I just got a CWD and I love it
I just got a Prestige jumping saddle and it is an ideal fit for my long legs and my high wither ottb.
I am a big fan of Stübben for my jumping saddle! I also love my prestige dressage saddle 🙂