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My horse keeps throwing his head up and down and how do I make him stop doing that?

My horse keeps throwing his head up and down and how do I make him stop doing that?
Well I have a new head stall that has a metal plate along the jawbones so it’s called a hackamore and I only used it twice
If he can safely go bitless maybe try that and see if he keeps doing it, that might help narrow it down if it is a dental issue.. if he doesn’t bitless then you should really get the equine dentist out - however bitless can still irritate the mouth. Head tossing is often a pain indicator mouth or not :/ so many variables
Do not understand your answer and can you please put it in English
Certains chevaux que j'ai monté ont également fait ça, en général c'est parce qu'il ne veulent pas rester immobile ou parce quel'on ferme trop fort les doigts sur les rênes.
Sorry about that I got confused on what I typed. So it’s only when he is standing still he will toss his head
I think a vet would be best to rule out any physical problems. You say in one post that it is when you ride, and another that it's when the horse is standing still.
He is 18 years old and he is not a ottb because he born at my place and he is fine on the trails but when he is standing still he throws his head.
How old is the horse and what has it done. If it’s a ottb a number of them aren’t mouthed properly
Had the horse dentist out and she said his teeth are fine and I switched from a bit to a hackamore and it helping a little
Sorry, when I said in the saddle, I meant when you ride. This could be so many different things. The very first thing to rule out is tack. Make sure the saddle and bridle fits properly, and there is nothing pinching. If the tack is all good, then you need to make sure teeth and feet are okay. If these are all fine, then it's a job for a vet or a physio. There are so many reasons for head-shaking. From seasonal allergies, to sensitive eyes, to sinus pain, to back pain, to ear problems, to facial nerve damage. It's pretty impossible to determine what could be the problem over an internet forum.
No it’s not the saddle or the stable. It’s only when I ride
It really depends on why. Is this in the saddle, or in the stable?