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How do you build up your confidence in general and not being scared?

How do you build up your confidence in general and not being scared?
I agree with Jade. Have a focus and take your time.
Have a plan, it allows you to focus on the task at hand when you are training, and as such instead of anticipating a spook for example you are working with your horse to achieve a common goal, focusing on the positive and not the potential negative that might never happen 😊
ride a big horse, you will become brave and confident 👍🏼
Start with the BASICS and work up gradually :
- trot
-trot poles
- walk
-spend time with your horse before and after you ride

And as you feel you can manage the above without feeling scared the work on the below:
-canter poles
-trot to canter transitions
- small jumps (even just 30cm to get used to them at first)

Don’t push yourself for one, but what really helps is riding easier horses and working your way up to the harder ones if that is an option :)
Theres a book called "riding fear free" (and an accompanying facebook group) that has helped me a lot. But I also find it super helpful to find the very edge of your comfort zone, and push it just a little.

Example: if youre afraid to mount, dont. Can you stand on the block? Can you put your foot in the stirrup? Can you lean over the horse? Swing a leg over then back and hop down? Find the edge of what youre comfortable with amd take it half a step further. If our horses are uncomfortable/worried/unsure, we figure out how to break it down for them. Do the same for yourself.
Just doing whatever it is that you're scared of