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I am 14 years old and money is tight, do you have any suggestions on how to afford a horse?

I am 14 years old and money is tight, do you have any suggestions on how to afford a horse?
Do a side business
Thanks Nicole! It is the money with my parents. I am selling stuff on ebay😂! Right now my parents are paying $3,000 for the full lease do you think it would be cheaper to own?
It would help to know their reasoning - If it is Money then try to find jobs like babysitting and dog walking and work some off with barn chores or something. Maybe sell old things on eBay like if you were into American Girl you can make good money 😂 avoid spending on things that don’t last (fast food/candy) and be stingy. If you don’t mind switching barns or something put a sign up in a local equestrian area saying that you will work in exchange for rides and state your experience 😄
Katt savard, thanks! Not really I am at the stage now where I need to be riding everyday for the level of jumping I am at so the full lease would be best plus I am already full leasing right now and am working with a really good horse, but my parents said I have to stop in September. Any suggestions on how to convince them or keep it.
Is there anyway you can half lease?
Try leasing or helping out at a barn in return to ride or be with the horses
Thanks Nicole! The thing is I am currently full leasing right now but my parents have to stop in September because they can no longer afford it. Any suggestions on how I can continue.
I have to say owning is overrated 😫 the initial cost is the easiest to afford.. thing is it is a big time commitment which gets harder in high school not to mention the regular costs and the loads of money for the realistic possibility of needing a vet, etc. also with college coming you have to figure out what to do and many sell because it is what is best for the horse. I know this is not the answer you want but being 17 and college on the way with my life revolving around horses it would be so much easier with a lease horse or just exercising for people. Just remember initial cost should be the least of your worries ❤️
At 15,I did work at the stable to pay for my first horse. Green 3yr old (raised with cows so he thought he was one) and I knew very little. We both learned together and a couple years later we were winning state competitions. I only paid $300 for him and used borrowed or handed down tack. And you don't have to be at a fancy, overpriced stable or have overpaid trainers. Just a lot of determination and always listen to your horse. Also cheaper if you are not showing and just trail/leisure riding.
I am currently full leasing right now but my problem is my parents can only afford it until September so any ideas on how I can continue it.
Always lease first. And try to cut back on spending things horses can get expensive. I’d start with a lease horse, then once you have experience with different horses and you know your riding style well then choose. You mostly get green horses for cheaper then trained horses
Talk to your trainer about leasing first