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Who are some equestrian Youtubers?

Who are some equestrian Youtubers?
Fallon Taylor, Justine Palmer , this esme
I love to watch THIS ESME her tack up vids are a good time burner and also BLOB THE COB her jumping vidoes are so inspirational MATT HARNACKE is also a great youtuber if you want to watch morning routines and finally JESSE DRENT who films along side MATT HARNACKE and his shetland vids are very funny xxx
Pony nuts, Fallon Taylor, Elisa Wallace eventing
This esme
Justine Palmer
Shelby dennis
This esme and JETeventing are my favourites ❤️
Thisesme, raleighlink14, JETeventing and pretty much what everyone else has said!
I second Shelby Dennis. Also Hannah Fleming, jumpercarson, NEddiesGun, Montana O., and AlfusAlly
Matt Harnacke, Jesse Drent, Shelby Dennis, and Claire Eventing are some of my favs
BlobtheCob* sorry
BlobTheCom is really inspirational in my opinion. I hear ThisEsme is very popular, I love watching HorseSource because of her amazing horse edits with music. 🥰