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Is it bad to jump my horse everyday ? I only jump him like a foot as of right now

Is it bad to jump my horse everyday ? I only jump him like a foot as of right now
It is bad because your horses legs will get sore and there feet can crack
Hello ! I don't think that it is great to jump a horse everyday, not only because as the others said it will damage his legs and feet, but because it will bore him. Also to improve in show-jumping, your horse also needs to work in dressage.
Yes. My horse did that and he had terrible feet because of how much pressure they put on their front feet when they hit the ground. I’d recommend jumping 2-3 times a week
Yes, it is. A horse can become sickened to something by doing it every day. It mentally checks out, and starts to refuse jumps. It's a pretty common thing to happen, particularly at lower levels and can happen with any activity.
Essentially you could jump cavaletties (ie small jumps) everyday, however I don’t know how sustainable and fun that is for you and your horse to do the same thing everyday.

I personally would never jump everyday, at max 2-3 times a week (including pole/cavalettie days and depending on competitions), however, just remeber to take good care of your horses legs after each ride!

A foot is still very small for a horse so I doubt he will suffer for the time being, just remember if you start jumping bigger it won’t be sustainable in the long run to jump everyday.

Hope this makes sense, English isn’t my first language🙈