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Anyone do no stirrups November?

Anyone do no stirrups November?
I do no stirrups November and December
I will now but before you asked that question I never did no stirrup November
Yes I do it can really improve your riding and your equitation; given that you are not bouncing around and have somewhat good balance and or a thick saddle pad or half pad ( as mentioned before ) it shouldn’t be a problem for your horse.
I do it most years, I actually look forward to NSN. I get called weird a lot because I actually enjoy it 🙃. It’s helped with my position, and I can now walk,trot,canter and jump bareback without bouncing and am able to post the trot without stirrups. I find it a great activity but I would NEVER do it without a thick saddlepad and shock absorbing half pad on a new horse to make sure I’m not hurting their back
No. Have heard from many people that not using stirrups is hard on the horses back when using any gate other than a walk. Too much bounce and can result in later needing chiropractor for your horse. They recommend only going stirrup less for a few minutes.
Unfortunately, yes