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How do I get my horse to bond or trust me ?

How do I get my horse to bond or trust me ?
i would literally sit in his stall and pet him and just love him now me and him are a awesome team
Do a lot of ground work
Do lots of groundwork and fun things that they like and reward for good behavior. Do you lots of grazing and just hanging around them the pastor or stall. You want to show them that you’re not a threat in someone that they can trust.
I would spend time with them even just sitting by there stall or even just sitting on the fence of their field. Spend the time doing what they enjoy being groomed and eating treats. Take things slow with them and just be with the horse with no pressure so they see when you are there they feel safe and relaxed.
I would start by spending lots of time grooming and grazing them. Do something that they enjoy all the time.