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My horse is starting to bite me more often and it's getting worse, anything I can do to try stop it? :)

My horse is starting to bite me more often and it's getting worse, anything I can do to try stop it? :)
My horse used to have this same issue (and was pretty bad). We figured out he is just super territorial. We found putting him in cross ties or tying him up in the stall and not letting him get away with the nasty bites he makes while grooming and saddling, helped a ton. I have found if I take charge or just take him out of the stall, he is much better.
Thank you I appreciate it!
Getting worse? You need to correct the little signs wayyy before this current situation. I say lots of groundwork and if you get to a point where you simply don’t feel comfortable or safe around him to do intense correction. Find a trainer, they’re worth the time and money!
Could be because you are moving too fast around him. My horse reaches his nose around a lot while I saddle and I pay attention to it, when he does I take the time to just rub around his nose and give him attention then he turns his head back. After that I continue to saddle. It takes longer but he eventually stops turning his head.
I rode a feisty pony who loved to bite anyone who went near him. My trainer always said it was ok to give him a little slap immediately when he does it. If he is being nice and not biting it is always good to give positive reinforcements like treats and rubs. make sure you don’t slap his face because that could cause another issue.
Hes mostally biting me when I tack him up and after a ride.
Oh wow that's great! Thank you for the tips! He doesn't bite when it tighting his girth its mostly when I'm tacking him up and he wants a treat or is just being a butt lol
My young horse (going through his teenage years) became really bad to the point of rearing, lunging and then taking chunks out of me. He was becoming a serious problem and then I got a couple groundwork lessons, nothing hectic, and the problem quickly resolved. Haven't had any issues since and he is an absolute sweetheart.
Hey Karen. When is your horse biting you?

Girthing: he might be girthy but I found with my horse it was actually the saddle

Treats: A little tap on the snout just to say "back off a bit, that is unacceptable" would work

General/Randomly: Groundwork and lots of it. Maybe get someone to help even if it is just watching to pick up subtle cues that are easily missed. Your horse needs to respect your space and you wouldn't see him biting his herd leader, so why can he bite you? It is literally as simple and teaching him to stay out your space (just enough that if he stretches, his nose can't touch you) and it should resolve in a couple days.