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Who has tips on becoming a confident rider?? Cause I get REALLY nervous and I would love tips...

Who has tips on becoming a confident rider?? Cause I get REALLY nervous and I would love tips...
Hello! I have had the same problem- and still do a bit. I try to think of all my good times. I remember riding my friends horse (he is a Dutch Warmblood standing around 18 feet so he is huge) in the snow while it was snowing. I cantered him and I felt so free. A month later I am on a smaller horse with better manners than his and I am scared to canter her. I didn't want to come off as a wimp or anything so I pushed myself to do so . The time after that the same thing happened again but I was in a 1 on 1 lesson so I felt better to say I was scared. I finally had to think of something so I told myself "Bro, you rode a huge horse in the snow bare back and you cantered- you are fine , you got this. Worst that could happen? You fall off and break something. So what? Casts are a thing. What is the not worst thing that could happen ? You get your confidence back" . I hope that helped. Also try and not focus on what others are doing like "Oooh Jess is already jumping 4 feet and doing lead changes after and all I can do is ground poles at a canter" . This will lead you to become obsessing over your skill and worrying about it when you should just be enjoying the ride and trying to learn. Also if you do not feel ok with doing something - let your trainer know ! I really hope I helped in some way and do not worry everyone has lost their confidence at some point. You are not alone on this one. Best of luck to you in the future!
I have to look past the attitude of me and my horse. And when something happens to correct then forgive and forget.
Be proud
Try to understand what makes you nervous in the first place (jumps, speed, the horse you're riding ecc) than work and focus on it and if it doesn't work talk to your instructor about it! :)
Passion and drive I find will help you get over any fear or anxiety! Fear won’t just go away, it stays and haunts you. It’s what you do despite the fear! Surround yourself with other riders, or find some people that inspire you. Build yourself a little “support group.”. Maybe even talk to your trainer about your nerves, every rider has been in that spot. Nobody’s gonna judge you but actually really relate!