Our mission

Alexandra Martel Horsealot

What inspires you?

I strongly believe that passion is the greatest shaper to make you grow into the person that you aspire to be.

Horses took me through a journey of hard work and resilience, they have been the most precious in the construction of who I am, and have triggered in me that burning fire that makes me want to push my farthest limits, today as an entrepreneur.

I founded Horsealot 3 years ago, with the desire of providing to the community of our sport just as much as it provided to me.

Whether you are a jumper in Europe or a polo player in Argentina, your passion is bound to an authentic lifestyle that defines your life as a whole - through meaningful encounters, a successful career path, or even love.

I am convinced that your passion can take on its full meaning only in a world where it can be shared. We need to find inspiration from each other’s vision of riding to keep evolving, this is precisely what we are building with Horsealot, a connexion for every rider of our world.

We are committed every day to enable each of our users to leverage what their passion can bring to their life, in a connected and open-minded way.

I am proud that Horsealot is now a cocoon of 200,000 international horse owners who foster a community not only genuinely nice, but also very authentic, feminine and sophisticated.

Horsealot 2.0 is a new chapter to take our community to the next level, and we look forward to opening it with you.

Alexandra Martel
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