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Ask alessandro
Alessandro, the renown Italian fashion designer for equestrian athletes

Ask our guests.

Experts or athletes answer all the questions of our members each week during our ASK events.
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Follow Jessica Springsteen for a day, a New Yorker exuding equestrian chic

Follow a Day in the life.

Watch a day of the life of international influencers (Jessica Springsteen, Karl Cook….), to discover a glimpse of their unique lifestyle.
Horsealot Events Cyril Kongo
Alex Lutz, his passion for acting and his love for horses

Dive in the Eyes of…

The celebrities (designers, businessmen, actors…) who share with our community their unique look on the equestrian world.
Horsealot Events Cyril Kongo
Graffitti artist Cyril Kongo rethinks the authenticity of leather pieces

Enjoy unique events.

Exclusive events are organized regularly with our members to show them a new approach to the equestrian lifestyle, through very special guests.