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Alessandro Albanese

" Technical Quality and aestheticism come together, one cannot go without the other.", it is this guideline that inspires Alessandro Albanese to create unique clothes designed for riders. It is with passion and determination that he went from the design of cars and boats, to clothing. Thanks to its experience with the first brand he created, he founded ALE Tailored Clothing, to offer custom-made clothes to riders, whether it is on the saddle or in the city.

Hello Coleen..

I think that eventing is also a kind of lifestyle where people are very tight to the tradition of this sport.....and personally i don't think this will change so much..about the cross country is a question of safety..for sure the materials will improve and become more technical..and for the other disciplines of eventing i saw already significant changes..not like in the show dumping of course but something already change...


Hello Molly..

Considering i'm in this market since 20 years you can imagine how much i saw..a lot! i been the first person to introduce a elegant stylish riding coat made to measure in italy on the market..this was already a big and nice revolution, was '98, '99' 2000. From that time a lot change going into more technical but in certain cases i have to say not so, like always in the fashion history is coming back a better taste and elegance.
This is also my favourite style because riding is a noble art and the ouftif has to match with it.


Hello Melinda,

Riding is a sport that like every other sport need comfort and this are the 2 priority...but this doesn't means that you must forget about the style..all 3 can coexist in the same garment.


Hello Gary,

Beauty of the nature and normal people walking in the street every day...practically the real life..i'm attracted from every kind of beauty that mixed with my ideas become a idea fro my clothing.


Hello Cammie,

A lot of people in this industry do it already..for what is concerning our company all our suppliers who produce textile are very focus in this matter.


Hi Lauren

Equestrian doesn't really match with high a different world that one..maybe is the opposite..the Fashion look so much to the Equestrian and try to copy something...for those people that look at the horses like a lifestyle...


Hello Lily..

In part this is what i'm already doing..ALE Tailored is customizing clothes for lifestyle and business since 4 years now..and also before with Alessandro Albanese the collection ( except few technical items ) was something you can wear every day...we sold a lot to people that love the brand and his quality but has nothing to do with the equestrian world.


Hello Linda..

If we talk about the prete a porter well..i'm proud of many of my pieces..the icon as been for long time a winter short jacket called Paris Winter, we reply this jacket in many colors and different living for many years because of the big request..but i'm really attached to a woman competition shirt that one morning i get inspired and create from nothing...this was aproximately 7 years a go..and i decide to called AURORA, my favourite femminine name.. ( and is still available today in every shop ) saying that if one day if i will have a daughter that will be her, AURORA born 17 months a go..and now is here running around me while i'm writing you..:)


Hello Maddy..

ALE come for a exigence of going deep into the quality and the service of my tailored clothing..and to be honest as been a incredible surprise..what i did in the past 18 years i understand that was just a preparation for this..for what i'm doing now..people know me, recognize my work and quality and look for me more then before..knowing i will give my knowledge and experience to, i create with more freedom in my mind..because i'm not tight to any particular event or date ( like creating a collection on time for the season ) in this way the result are for sure much better.


HI Tessy..

On equestrian mostly a must..but for the, purple, ice white, blue...