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Alexandra Paillot

Immediately attracted by the competition environment, Alexandra Paillot dedicate herself with passion from her very fist pony competitions to the professional French championship where she was the first woman to win. She built around her a true system helping her being a part of the French promising riders. Settled in Wellington half of the year she makes profit of the experience she gains in Florida to hold the French flag high. Alexandra managed her horses training but also her relationship with her famous sponsors like Hermès.

Hello Connor,

In the United States, the tests are generally much more endowed than in Europe, especially in the amateur categories.
However everything is more expensive, the entry fees are two or three times more expensive, and the same for pensions.
See you soon!


Hi Tim,

Actually it s not a bad thing if you do because you should not be gripping with your knees!
What should be in contact with your saddle and your horse are : your thighs, and your calves, not your knee (that part of your body should not be touching or gripping the saddle), maybe try lengthening your stirrups, so that your leg falls more naturally and relax, down and in contact with the horse.
Try to focus on putting weight in your stirrups, and remember for a good position there should be a vertical line with : shoulders, pelvis and heels (that should keep your knees out of the way).
Hope that helps,

Hello Kim,

My father ride as an amateur until the level Grand Prix. Today he is involved in the organization of some competitions in France such as Chantilly or soon Versailles!
See you soon!


Hello Philippa,

I love the atmosphere of the competitions in France which is more relaxed than that of the United States. However the rhythm is much more intense in the United States, there are many tracks and events at the same time, from Wednesday to Sunday non-stop competition. It is a different energy that is also very stimulating.
See you soon!


Hello Alexia,

My horses are followed by an osteopath every month, no masseurs or others!
As for the veterinary follow-up, like every month, and dentist once or twice a year.
See you soon !


Hello Norman,

I had the chance to work with great coaches, such as Marcel Delestre, Henk Nooren, but it’s true that when I am in the United States Eric is very present.
When I arrived at his stables in Wellington 5 years ago it was my first experience with a professional rider.
Eric brought me a lot, first on the technical level but also on the overall management of the horses and a high-level team. It was a very complete teaching.
He’s an exceptional coach, who gives his students hugely confidence and energy.
See you soon!


Hello Maddy,

From the first try, Polias and I immediately got on very well..
As he has a lot of strength and is very generous, my discreet riding suits him well, he can express himself without constraints of the rider.
It is a horse with exceptional qualities, but I believe that the understanding and the couple that we form is what has enabled us to reach this level.
See you soon!


Hello Emily,

The victory at the French championships opened me the doors of some 5* shows, which allowed me to rub shoulders with the high level riders and observe their way of working.
It is always impressive to be able to soak up their degree of professionalism and demands.
See you soon!


Hello Megan,

In the United States students are real customers.
They are supported from A to Z, all the logistics of their horses is managed by the coaches.
They come to the stables to take their lessons and they don’t need to take care of anything else.
The service provided by the coaches is much more complete than in France. They are therefore much less autonomous, since they do not (generally) manage anything at all.
In the United States the educational system focuses on the rider, they are the coaches. Most often the horses are already trained and qualified, so the coaches focus on the student.
He is not taught how to teach his horse either.
See you soon!


Hello Molly,

After our fall from Chantilly, I started again softly on small trials to regain confidence both.
The codes recovered naturally with time, and re-doing small courses that did not require any pressure or effort on his part was beneficial.
See you soon!