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Alexander Zetterman

Multiple National Champion, European junior champion, the handsome 27 years old rider is now at the head of a successful high level stable. He travels between his beautiful barn near Copenhagen and the warmth of Florida, keeping as personal value that "the path to success is what is the most important to your true happiness, not the money or trophies that are only material''.

Hi Alexandra,

For sure the dream is as a rider if you can manage to get everything in place. World class horses, world class shows and world class owners, but it shouldn’t be what makes you happy because then the risk is that you’ll never allow yourself to be happy..!


Hi Jack,

I think France is a fantastic horse country. Probably most FEI shows, most horses, very competitive, great horse culture to learn everything about producing horses etc.


Hi Maddy,

My brother Daniel went one year before me and that’s how it came about. It was a dream come true to compete in Wellington! I only rented a farm there for the season from some friends.


Hi Michelle,

I use many different bits. But I like the peewee bit a lot.


Hi Brian,

It’s like a muscle you have to train. Every time you doubt yourself and every time you bounce back you get stronger and believe in yourself more. As you get older you take it more easy when you’re not performing your best or doubting yourself.


Hi Daryl,

I like to ride to make my horses straight and souple by riding a “shoulder in front” movement on a square or on a straight track away from the rail. That means I keep my horses body shoulders and quarters on the same straight track and then I flex the horses neck left and right. Just enough bend to see the eye of the horse. Very multifunctional excercise.


Hi Meili,

Jumping about two times per week and flatting three times a week.


Hi Coleen,

I think a good think to do in preparation is to write down how you plan to perform well in the next competition and how you want to carry yourself and what attitude you want to have going into the competition. Plan how you are going to manage if something like you loose your stirrup happens. And also plan what you will do after the competition. The more crystal clear you are before and the more prepared you are for anything that can go wrong the more stress you eliminate.


Hi Mathew,

My family is big into horses. My father is a big horse dealer and used to compete at the highest level. He owns some of my good horses today. And my mom is a huge supporter and helps me with a lot of the administrative work.


Hi Anna,

I trained a lot obviously and I think also I put a lot of importance to it. That’s just as important as practice. Because if you don’t think it’s that important, you don’t analyse yourself enough and make an effort to constantly improve your position.