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Alizée Froment

She presented her show in Bercy during the Longines FEI World Cup Finals, Alizée Froment has a talent for conciliating art and high level. International competitions, shows, acting, drama, writing, she turns her 5* dressage career into a true scenography. In the mythical Aachen arena or on the beach for the filming of Hermès ads, the rider gives a new freed dimension to dressage and wants to make her discipline more accessible.

Hi Levis,

This is just work ... Of course, you need to make him feel confident first. The more he will trust you, the more he will go everywhere with you. Sultan was a hard horse with strong mind and really not brave. Now he is performing in front of thousands of people without taking care because he knows nothing wrong is gonna happen. This is time, repetition, trust, patience, and working on the comfort's notion from the horse.


Hi Amber,

Ouf ... This is quite a big question with a lot of possible answers.

First of all, find your identity. This will be the hardest. You have a lot of equestrian artists ... Your identity will make the difference. Then, work a lot, with passion, patience, energy, obstinacy, open minds and eyes, respect to your horses but also to the humans around and ... It will pay ;-)


Dear Kareen,

Stallion or not, this is not really the matter. You always have to adapt yourself to each horse ... No one is similar. The key is to find the way with all of them, taking care of their physical and mental strengths and weaknesses. The answers are always different. And every day is a new start.


Dear Cassie,

Off-stage it will always be this first time on the rope, in Belgium. We were alone with my groom, very early a sunday morning ... And I just felt complete and serene as I never felt before.

On-stage it's Stockholm's Horse Show. Can't describe the emotions we had during this whole incredible week where the audience has supported Mistral as no one before. He deserves it. He is an incredible horse.


Hi Ruben,

I can't judge the ethological riding as I'm not practicing it and don't know about it (it's a science so to practice it you need to study it. I've never done it).

In my opinion too much people are making the confusion with "liberty work" and "bad work". That's not because you are free that you are fair and kind to a horse. And at the opposite, that's not because you have a snaffle that you are bad and strong.

I'm a bit concerned about what I'm reading these last times. I think that a lot of persons are lost, thinking they are very good to their horses because they are doing liberty, when I see only pain horses trying to do their best but unable to handle their own balance and so completely lost.

It's a long way to make horse people able to be more open minded and stop thinking they all have the truth in their hands, thinking the others are all wrong ...


Hi Shannon,

First snaffle, then halter, then rope ... The important thing is that they really need to trust and respect you before, and to be able to understand your voice's orders and your back/legs codes.

Most of the time the first time I keep the halter or snaffle on and take the rope asking for very easy basic exercises (turning, halt). When this is safely understood (usually after 2 minutes !), then I just put everything away and keep only the rope.


Hi Molly,

Hum ... Actually we were running like hell to be able to handle everything there so we've not been so much somewhere else than at the stable or in the arena.

I can just tell you that as Sultan hates to have a door without window in his box, he spent the whole week eating his hay in the wheelbarrow that we parked in front of his open door to help him feeling more free and comfortable what made a lot of people laughing.


Hi Melinda,

I'm always using the natural products from Arbalou Soins. It's herbs and essential oils products. Super nice quality, supporting a lot my horses during big transports, stressful show, stallion mood at spring etc ... I'm using it since 3 years now and love it a lot.


Hi Tessy,

I have some very good international Grand Prix Dressage riders friends as Jessica Von Bredow, Imke Bartels, Steffen Peters or even Carl Hester that I know less but is always very lovely. We are all sharing our research and opinions.


Hello Alexia,

I don't buy a dressage or a show horse. I buy MY horse ... And I'm always choosing with my heart. He is the only one having the right answer.