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Amandine Mazzoni

Equitheme continues to highlight its ambassadors, and is presenting you this week the French para dressage rider Amandine Mazzoni. If Alex Lutz entrusted his horse to her, it is not a coincidence, Amandine is dreaming of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and gives herself the means to reach her goal. Suffering from a rare neurodegenerative diseases, she multiplies her motivation by drawing her strength in her unwavering passion and her complicity with her horse Verden.

Hello Lily,

There are not specific qualifications, it is on all the national and international shows. Depending on our results, our position on the ranking list changes.


Hello Kessy,

There are differences, I think that France is late compared to other countries. We had a late development, so we don't have the same level not the same amount of shows...


Hello Connor,

My parents help me a lot, my mom used to go with me to every show but this year I will show a lot so it will be difficult for her to come with me as much as before, as with the international show I will have to go for a week every month.

But I know I can count on all ma family to support me!


Hello Amber,

The breathable blanket, it perfectly adjust to the temperature!


Hello Molly,

There are no bad trainers, you just need to tell them your goals, and don't fear to talk about how you feel.
Of course, if you want to do high level dressage, you won't pick a jumping trainer aha!


Hello Megan,

It is a little foundation we created not so long time ago, we are just starting.
Horse riding is an expensive sport, and para-dressage even more as you need your own horse, private lessons...We created the foundation to gather para dressage riders, to talk about the sport...


Hello Alexia,

Not at all, I used to ride a pony, in my equestrian center and only do dressage in collective lessons.


Hello Kim,

I start my day by going to the university, from the morning until 3 p.m., I go back home then I change and work a little. At around 5.30 p.m. I go to the barn, I prepare my horse, my trainer do the warm up, then I ride.
I go back home at 8.30 p.m., I eat and I go to sleep!


Hello Tessy,

He is very kind, very playful, a little shy at the beginning until he gives you his trust.

He knows how to do everything, you just have to ask him properly.


Hello Melinda,

I love the human part of the adventure, we really have a special relationship with the Equitheme team. I also discovered many people like Karim Laghouag, Karine Ferri...