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Amélie Georgette mag

Amélie is convinced that internet has to have a central place in the communication of the brands, including in the equestrian world. Led by this conviction, she decided to make it her job, by combining her passion for riding and her talent of content creator, through Georgette Mag. Supported by her loved ones, it is this family driving force that drives her give her best in all of her projects.

Hello Emily,

Thank you VERY much ! 😘
I think the most important is to stay yourself. Really, it's the most important thing ! Followers can feel very quick if you play a role or if you say somethings wrong about a product you pretend to like. And have fun ! If you love what you do, your fans too ! 😃


Hello Ashley,

No because I started my channel a few years ago and I had to be about 20 years old ! But I imagine it can be a problem to discuss before to start the adventure, show your face on the web is a thing, I think it's cool if you can explain them what you want to post on your Youtube and listen what they think about it. 🙂


Hello Elliott,

I really think inspiration comes when you DO and LIVE things ! I find my inspiration in my own rider life, things that make me laugh, react. I think if a subject can interest me, it can interest you too ! Horses are full of surprise so I still have maaaaany things to say ! 👌😃


Hello Levis,

Humm, I think it's a question of organisation. But yeah,
sometimes I'd like to do more weekend with my boyfriend. You have to take time for everything if you don't want to loose everything ! I try, I try ! 😇


Hello Maddy,

Hum, it's a hard question. Because my job and my equestrian activity is a bit mixed-up ! I have the chance my job includes two passions (horses and write) so I don't ask myself the question. But if I had to... it will be the hardest decision of my life I think. 😶


Hello Jack,

My horses stay at home, outside during the day, all year except the three months of winter ! We live in a very cold and rainy place so we can ride them all the time. They quickly adapted to this way of life ! 🌿


Hello Dereck,

As I said (in french) earlier, I really think internet IS the future. In two or three years I seen many new blog emerge with their proper identity. I think it's really cool for the equestrian sphere and brands that want to work with us. I think blogs / webzine ARE the future of equestrian medias ! 😉💪


Hello Kareen,

I've been doing this for three years and... strangely not ! ☺


Hello Tessy,

I think we must also spend time as a couple, without horses !
Difficult huh ? It's very important to understand our passion is not necessarily that of your bae. I personally spend one week-end in the month to stay with my boyfriend. 😇


Hello Kim,

If i'm not on the video, I shoot but if I am (riding, for example) it's (very often) my mother OR my father OR my boyfriend. I have really good team ! 💪😄