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Arthur de Soultrait

Founder of Vicomte Arthur, successful clothing brand, Arthur de Soultrait, defines himself as a traditional-cool businessman, a modern time dandy, and embodies a French success, which has started ten years ago, in the U.S. He likes to chill on polo fields with Robert Strom or Prince William, when he isn’t travelling in the world's most international cities. Arthur is now leading Thunderstone, the startup he created.

Hello Dereck,

Since I was a child I was on the racetracks, I have amazing memories from races.

Our horses won often, so I have strong memories!

These emotions were strong for me, so when I created Vicomte Arthur, I look for inspirations in horse racing, because I love bright colors. I needed to tell a true story.

My brother Bertrand created his racehorses breeding this year, he had 10 foals and all of them are sold!

I hope I will become an owner soon, it is a family negotiation, I want to partner with my brother, and we want to buy a horse to my father.


Hello Jack,

I would say the fighting spirit of the sport.
I was in Sotogrande to see Robert Strom, the speed, the violence...It is really impressing, players are bold, and horses really impressive.


Hello Gary,

My father's family is a horse breeding family, there are horses everywhere.

My grand father was a rider, he was in the United States, he was a point-to-point champion.

My parents put me on a horse really soon, but I fell and got scared, so I never ride again before.

My father is a great rider, he spent some time in Wellington to ride before starting his business.


Hello Tessy,

My great-great parents, my great-parents, and my father are race horses breeders, and my father did some showjumping. We are in the breeding industry since I was born, I have always been around horses.

Then my first sponsoring with Vicomte Arthur was at the Deauville Polo Club, but now there aren't real boundaries between polo, jumping...


Hello Kareen,

In the family it was Tito l'Effronté, it was a long time ago.

It was a race horse, he won steeple chases...He was amazing.


Hello Amy,

I started by sponsoring with Vicomte Arthur the Deauville Polo Club.

I have great memories, I hired a 15 years old seller for our corner, and he was really good so I hired him for our corner at le Printemps, a really big shop, but he was fired because he wasn't 16...
And on the day of his 16th birthday, he went back and made amazing sales!


Hello Sydney,

I didn't know it was a thing. It is complicated because it is two completely different universe, jumping has its calendar and polo too.
Furthermore, polo has a very complicated organization.

A come back at the Olympics would be great tho!


Hello KF,

I can't advise you a brand but a material: 'piqué cotton' or 'weaving cotton', it is a superior quality and it's really light for hot weather!


Hello KF,

Our idea is to change the system of small independent shops. They have to buy clothes to brands, but they are not sure to sell it.
So we help them by offering to their client a larger choice in their store, thanks to a terminal in their store, on which consumer will be able to order the clothes they don't find in the store.

We are starting to test the product in October in 10 shops (Paris, Bordeaux, Deauville...)