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Brittni Raflowitz

Wellington is the sun of our Winter season ; the talented jumping rider Brittni Raflowitz, 22, has her horses there all year round. Brittni's family is well know in the industry, she followed the high level circuits from her earliest years and is now taking her journey to success to the 5* level with elegance and love for horses.

Hi Manuelle,

I’d say it’s a bit hard to compare them.

WEF has thousands of horses here for Jumpers, Hunters, and Equitation. We are here for 12 weeks, and you do get a lot of amazing riders here.

Now I’ve only been to a few shows in Europe, and they have only been FEI shows. Smaller number in horses but still a lot of amazing riders


Hi Tessy!

I’ve been showing here since I was a kid. It’s in other words a small city. The level of show management, ground footing, competition, horse sales, and top riders is unlike any other!!



If there is a certain place you would like to go, it never hurts to just reach out to them!!!


Hi Mark,

It is great to own a farm here! We rent half our barn out, and we are able to run our operation smoothly by our rules.
On the other hand, there is more work to be put in by managing the farm and the renters.
But it is well worth the work.

Hi Norman,

Candice was a great mentor for me because she was also mentored by Barney Ward!
So from both of them it was that the horses welfare always comes first. Time your time and really focus on the little things, on and off of the horse.
Another huge thing was the mental trainin. Not just the riding.


Hi Melinda,

My family is everything to me and we are very close.ive been on a horse since I was in the womb. My whole family loves horses and understands the damanding aspects of the sport.
They have always wanted me to follow my dreams!!

Hi Abby,

You can talk to trainers about becoming a working student and work your way up through that

I have been very fortunate through riding for amazing people, having amazing sponsors, and having a super team behind me at all times!! Just keep pushing forward and don’t let anything or anyone stop you from your dreams!!!

Hi Jessa!

Don’t ever let people tell you can’t do something or will never make it. Keep pushing through the bad times and try to learn how you get to the good times. Focus on riding well and the results will come.