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Clément Delfosse

True chameleon, Clément Delfosse juggle between polo fields and his detox juice company. After discovering polo by chance with his father, he passes handicap 1 at age 14, and then continued to improve his game to reach the ranks of the French team. Athlete at heart, Clément prepares his games throughout the year by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which allows him to maintain his balance.

Hello Jack,

It is true that from outside people see the polo as something very elitist but it is not really that.

I come from an average social background and I was not meant to play polo ...

My father, agent EDF in Aix en Provence, saw "sunday riders" playing in a badly cut field. At the "polo" among them a butcher, a garage, a nightclub manager, a peasant (it was there more than 30 years) ... Then he said "ok I want to test". Then he traded his car for a horse and started it ... They played with old bombs, roller knee pads, and old pakistani mallets ...

All this to say that polo is a bit like everything, you have to meet the right people at the right time. You can play polo with little money by becoming friends with others...

You will find many stories like this one in polo and a great social mix that shares the same passion :)


Hello Alexia,

The training are partly individuals. We work the horses one by one, training to penalties and specific blows to mechanize the horse and the rider.

We play at least one weekly team training game to work our cohesion and prepare for the competition :)


Hello Kim,

The polo horse must be a cold horse in his head, enduring, compact but supple at the same time.

It's often a mix of thoroughbred and argentinian criollo. There is a breed of polo horses but also a lot of reformed thoroughbred racing.


Hello Tessy,

In general, a professional polo player has 7 or 8 horses in his stable... It's like a soccer team! ;) There are incumbents and substitutes who can enter at any time.

We also choose according to the state of form of each one... :)


Hello Will!

In general, you always start with a comfortable horse and you have absolute confidence ... This will help you to trust yourself.
Then there is the third period, which is very important. If you have a bad time and the opposing team takes the lead, it will be difficult to come back in one period. You must therefore choose the horse according to this parameter. So the choice of the horse is really strategic for the 1st and 3rd period :)


Hello Melinda,

At the end of the season, a committee made up of professional players, amateurs and club directors meet and discuss about each player to see if he needs to be raised or lowered of handicap :)


Hello Amy!

I admit that this isn’t always obvious. I run all day between the polo trainings and the juice factory :)


Hello Rebecca,

I have many very good memories but it's the European Championship in Rome in 2002 where we won! It was really amazing :)


Hello Mark!

I passed Handicap 1 to 14 years ... 1 of handicap corresponds to a very good amateur.


Hello Amber,

I have a really good entire horse, Xeneise, and a mare from the Ellerstina breeding called Open Hacienda.

These are my two pillars! ;)