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Emily Moffitt

Totally invested rider, Emily Moffit put aside her studies to dedicate herself to her first passion: showjumping. Having the Anglo-American double nationality, she decided to wear the Great Britain's colors and to train with the best British riders: Nick Skelton then Ben Maher. Today, Emily knows how to benefit from the lessons of these two mentors to reach her goal: the Tokyo Olympics.

Hello Maddy,

Training with Nick was a great experience and I learned so much. The training programs aren't all that different! The main difference is that I am the only student Ben has. Nick and Laura trained a few others at the same time. Both Nick and Ben rode my horses whenever I was struggling or needed help on specific things. I had weekly lessons with both as well. I absolutely love training with Ben and am learning new things every day!


Hi Lindey,
I have been riding horses for fun since I was about 8 years old. It wasn't until about 3-4 years ago I decided to jump competitively. When I made the decision I told my parents this is what I wanted to do and we found the best possible trainer and went from there. I didn't have very many horses at the beginning. I only had 2 1.30m horses! It takes a lot of work every day but is definitely worth it! I would say the main thing is to have a great relationship with your trainer and horses. Little things like working on canter poles or bounces wil help as well. I just rode and showed as much as I possibly could!

Hope this helped!

Hello Casey,

I have a few horses that have the same problem. I've found that there isn't much you can do other than to try and find the bit they are most comfortable with and to try and leave their mouth alone as much as possible! Try and talk to her and use her seat to control her.



Yes! As much as we need horses to do a job for us they still need to be horses. I try to let them out in the field every day and take them out on a trail at least once a week. It's nice for them to have a change of scenery as much as possible. I've never had a chance to bring a horse into the ocean but I've always wanted to!


Hello Kim,

I went through a similar thing earlier this year. I wasn't riding up to my normal standard and it was very frustrating. Every time I rode I tried harder and harder to get back to my normal self and that ended up just making things worse. I went to a sports psychologist and he told me to just go and do what I know best! At the end of the day nothing else matters during the two minutes you are in the ring. I just took a deep breath before I went in and tried to not think about any pressure or worries. It took me about 2 good rounds and then I was back to my normal self. Don't worry too much about rough patches. Everyone has them!


Hello Philippa,

I have a few 7 year olds but my trainer rides them. It's very difficult for us to get our younger horses out to shows because we are always at bigger competitions that don't have young horse classes. Our 7 year olds are currently going to local shows doing anything from 1.20 - 1.35m classes depending on each horse. When we get the chance we take them to any show that has a young horse division.


Hello Molly,

Each rider has a different path or plan with what they want to do with their riding career. Lillie, Karen, and Lucy are all very successful but all have different ways of doing things as well! My system might not work well for them as well as the other way around.


Hello Alexia,


Sometimes Ben will help me with my horse Tommy (Hilfiger Van De Olmenhoeve) before a big Grand Prix or sometimes before we go to the show. He is very quirky and I sometimes need help with him. As for the other horses...the only time he will ever ride them is if I'm having a certain problem with them and he wants to show me how to fix it myself the next time it happens. For the most part Ben tries to teach me how to do everything so he doesn't need to ride them!


Hello Norman,

Only Ben and I work together now. My dad, Ben, and I work together as a team to try and find the best horses we possibly can!


Hello Emily,

We leave Europe and go to WEF for winter season. It's nice to be able to compete with all my horses in one place for a few months rather than travel every weekend with only a few horses.