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Emma Booth

At 11 years old, Emma Booth entered a contest of the TV show Saddle Club to try to win a pony, all included for one year. More than 30.000 children participated, but it is Emma, who is finally selected. The passion begins… 10 years later, a terrible car accident will stop her from walking for the rest of her life. Her determination didn’t fail, and she set a goal: go back on the saddle and represent Australia at the Paralympian Games, which she will do with success in 2016, becoming an iconic athlete.

Hi Connor,

I have a few things, Velcro straps over my thighs, elastics to keep my feet in styrups and spur straps to tie styrups to the saddle. Also a bar at the front of the saddle which I can use if I lose balance for example :)
All these things I use are very specific to me and somewhat home made if you like haha


Hi Levis,

Yes I definitely do! I do one on one Pilates sessions three times a week, focusing on my strength and balance, particularly with focus on my core! I also see a physio one a week to keep my body in the best shape possible for best performance outcomes ☺️
There are so many stretches and strength exercises that I can do from home as well when I get time. I prefer to do this than something like the gym, but that’s just me haha
Thanks for the question
All the best and happy riding!


Hi Emily,

Yes I used to do eventing prior to my accident! I absolutely loved XC and miss it often but still get just as much enjoyment out of competitive para dressage now ☺️☺️


Hi Tessy,

There are no differences in how our tests are judged, the only real difference are the compensating aids we are allowed to use which is different for each rider depending on their disability.


Hi Margot,

That’s a tough one Margot as I’m a dressage rider and not totally aware of all aspects of showing. Sorry that’s not very helpful haha


Hi Maddy,

Great question!

I’d have to say it definitely changed my relationship with horses for the better. It forced me to have a greater understanding and appreciation for the horse and also my riding!
The bond I have with Zidane is incredibly strong because we have to have such a strong understanding of one another to achieve what we do ☺️❤️🇦🇺🐴