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Eric Navet

Éric Navet is a name that sounds like a legend in the international showjumping landscape! Defined by the complicity with his horses, which he puts at the center of his everyday trainings, he achieved success afet success with the French Team blue jacket. The triple World Champion left France in 2013 to settle in the United States. In Parallel with his rider career, Eric put on the trainer cap to take his pupil, Karl Cook (boyfriend of actress Kaley Cuoco), to the highest level.

Hello Mark,

The most important is to get the connivence and partnership with the horses. You must always ask yourself: "If I were the horse would I be happy to have me as a rider?" Your horses must be happy to see you put the saddle on and go for a ride. You have to make them enjoy the ride and get them happy to learn.

I don't do very young horses anymore but I always did before I moved to the US and used to start initiation courses when they were 4yo. Some horses are late though from either still growing or still "green" mentally and I would wait one more year with those.


Hello Leah,

Just keep your hands in front of you in all circumstances and follow your horse's mouth with loose shoulders, elbows and hands.


Hello Sofia,

It surely does help but I know many high level riders whose parents were not involved or even interested in the sport.
It's all about commitment.


Hello Renato,

My dad has been my only trainer when I was a kid. Since then all the horses that I've been training taught me the most I know now.

I have still a lot to learn from them.


Hello Hannah,

We ride together every day.


Hello Brian,

I really enjoyed the shows in Kentucky like Horsepark and Splitrock and also Tryon last June.


Hello Mathew,

No I don't. I am exclusive for Karl and his horses and with 15 horses to train and compete with, I'm busy enough.


Hello Connor,

My daughters Estelle and Laurène ride and show as well.

Their trainer is my wife Ursula who used to be a high level rider showing for Switzerland in Nation Cups and World Cup competitions in Europe.

The three of them show mostly locally in California.


Hello Kim,

No, Catypso is from Germany, Hannoverian Stud Book by Catoki out of a Calypso daughter.

I still work in collaboration with my brother and his son Jérôme who is based in my farm in France.
They bred the French Champion 3yo stallion last year.