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Eugénie Angot

Daughter of the famous composer Michel Legrand, passion came by chance in the life of the French rider Eugenie Angot, during a trip in the US and a ride in Colorado. Brilliant on ponies, then French Champion at 21 years old, Eugénie decided very young that her passion would punctuate her life, by taking up the challenge of rising without coming from a horse family. After remaining many years the best French rider, Eugénie reached her ultimate dream by participating to the Athenes Olympics.

Hello Levis,

I made them ride, of course, but I advised them to do something else because it is a very difficult job. But when it is a passion, it is hard to lead them to something else.

I tried to make them discover different things, try many activities, so that they know different directions and they can choose their way.


Hello David,

I never worked with American riders but I know a lot of them. They work a lot outside, in large arenas ; so they have a faster tempo than the European riders.


Hello Emily,

I don't really know, in my riding school we did eventing and jumping. It is really great to start because you have to do a lot of flat work.

I always liked more jumping than eventing itself, even if I like cross-country.

I think that pure dressage is complicated for me to understand, because it depends on human judgment.
In showjumping, the pole is on the ground or not, the timer starts and stops, we are faster or slower...


Hello Elliott,

Very great question.

I don't know if music has an impact on my riding, I am not sure. But I think that riders are kind of artists, you have to perform scales, and improvise a little, we are not so far!

Anyway, music is very present in my live 🙂


Hello Ryley,

You have to do a lot of flat work so that your horse have firm bases, then you can start jumping little fences, and once he is fine with little courses, finally you can start showing with him.
To sell a young horse, just like every horse, you need to have some results with him, so to show with him quite regularly.


Hello Will,

I don't train with foreign riders even if I admire a lot of them.
I ask for advice but I don't train with them.


Hello Tessy,

Being selected for the Olympics is a great moment, especially because I have been pushed into the limelight.
Finally, it didn't end in tears of joy, because two of our horses got injured on the same day.

I don't feel any bitterness even if I think we had a very great team which could have won a medal.

After the Olympics, life goes on, even if it is an amazing adventure of course!


Hello Cassie,

I never wanted to do anything else, I fell in love with horses very young, at 6 years old. So I didn't have much time to develop other passions ;-)


Hello Amy,

I am not from a horse family at all, and it did affect my career because you have to fight harder for everything.


Hello Coleen,

I have a lot of beautiful memories, including my victory in Calgary, because it is a mythical show.

However, I had as much emotions during the Rome Grand Prix, during the World Cup Final, or during my first victory in a Grand Prix...