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Frédérique Cauffmann

« I want to make known wealth and products from nature”: this desire brings Frédérique Cauffmann to life and pushed her to create Horse Remedy. Her mother transmitted her this fascination for natural remedies. Both they learnt basics and made their first products based on natural ingredients to treat horses. After many researches, she developed a real expertise in alternative medicine: Bach flowers, phytotherapy, lithotherapy, essential oils …

Hello David,

Phytotherapy is made of medicine plants and their extract in a therapeutic way. It allows to work on every system : digestive, respiratory, nervous, urogenital, and also the skin. It's more recommended for pathologies with natural mecanisms that need to be regulated and privileged.
-      Here are some effects that we expect with plants :
-       drainage of residuals of the metabolism and toxins by the kidney or the liver.
-      Support of the metabolic and organic functions (digestion, cicatrization).
-      Regulation and stimulation of disrupted physiological mecanisms (spasms...).
-      Anti-inflammatory, analgesic effects
-      Anti-infective effects
-      innumostimulant effects
-      Cardiac, circulation, decongestant effects
-      Effects on the reproductive system
-      Effects on the emotional psycho
-The plants are working on the principle of synergy (the active ingredient balance themselves) and the totum. They contain trace elements, minerals, animo acids.
-Hydrotherapy is the water collected during the plants' distillation. The hydrolats can be compared to homeopathy as the active ingredients are in competition around 3% (more or less). It has less toxicity than essential oils. It really works on the field.


Hello Philippa,

To choose  bach flower, we have to know the real feeling of your horse: scare, uncertainty, loneliness, rejection, expressive concern. Every flower will work on a type of scare, a kind of feeling...

You have to understand the exact problem of your horse to find the best flower. Some people are specialized in bach flowers consulting.


Hello Melinda,

Yes, it is. Those flowers are wild, not cultivated, not polluted, and mixed with water an Brandy. Bach flowers stimulate vitality and matches the psychic life by acting on the emotional states. It is important that bach flowers correspond to the emotionnal problem. You can mixe up to 6 different bach flowers. 4 drops, 4 times every day. You have to wait 15 days to feel the difference. When you do, you can decrease the quantity. You also have pacifying plants such as chamomille (, passiflora and valerian.


Hello Kareen,

-To get healthy hooves, we recommend a good moisture and also some plants as supplements. We propose a Moisturizing Balm Hoof on our website ( It's composed of natural products : Shea Butter (moisture), laurel oil (to feed the hoof), beeswax (potentiates the other ingredients effects), glycerin, E vitamin,  (antioxidant), laurel essential oil.
-To regulary treat the frog and avoid the rot, you can spray some EM (efficient micro organisms) with the Prominant spray (
-As supplements, you can give nettle ( or horsetail ( which are rich in silicon, essential for the hooves’ quality.


Hello Rebecca,

To get healthy hooves, we recommend a good moisture and also some plants as a supplement. We propose a Moisturizing Balm Hoof on our website ( It's composed of natural products : Shea Butter (moisture), laurel oil (to feed the hoof), beeswax (potentiates the other ingredients effects), glycerin, E vitamin,  (antioxidant), laurel essential oil.
-In intern, you can give nettle ( or horsetail ( which are rich in silicon, essential to the hooves’ quality.


Hello Mark,

In case of a sand paddock, you should pick up the dungs and spray once a week with efficient micro organisms that will disinfect the environnment ( In a balanced paddock, there is 10% of positive bacterias and 10% of negative bacterizs and 80% of neutral. If you have 11% negative bacterias, that's when the issues will come because the 80% neutral are going to be negative as well. There's a constant fight for the power between negative and positive. Always with a billion of opportunistics which are waiting to know which one they'll be imitate...
-      In a weak or sick environnment, the degenerative micro organisms are going to attract neutral or opportunitstics and the system changes. The idea of efficient micro organisms EM is to  break up that vicious circle and avoid the micro organisms to win.
-      While adding the EM, we strenghten the micro organisms and they will attract to their side the neutral organisms. There will be a stabilisation and the micro flora will be constructive.
-      Currently, we can see that 98% of micro organisms are negative because of the pollution or artificial fertilizers to the fight of parasites. Nothing is avoided when you use the EM technology. Instead, the environnment is helped, the positive micro organisms are more developed, and a constructive process is possible.
-      Abut the grass paddocks, the spray EM allows to improve the ground by increasing the microbial life. You can feed the land thanks to Vukamin, it's full of minerals and trace elements. (


Hello Lauren,

We recommend to work on the gastric flora, which is often forgotten, especially after worming, food changes... We often forget that today it is considered as the second brain !
-      Work on the flora with Proferm ( it is rye flour fermented with EM (efficient micro organisms). That product is a really efficient probiotic to help your horse's flora and prevent colics.
-      About ulcers, we recommend to adapt the food with limitless hay, and with Proferm and Bionit-S. Bionit-S contains argyle minerals rich in alkaline minerals (which is going to disacify the body), will line the stomach walls and will neutralize the production of acid.
-      It is rich in trace elements (chrome, iron, fluorine, copper) which are essential for the organs such as iron or copper which have a powerful anti anemic effect.
-      The Bionit-S is composed at 7% of silicon dioxide. It is everywhere in the body because it composes all the tissus. Silicium allows to regenerate skin tissus and cartilage. But in case of an ulcer the stomach walls need to regenerate their cells (


Hello Norman,

Winter is the opportunity to remineralize the body especially with nettle. Rich in iron and trace elements, nettle brings to horses tonicity, a nice hair, skin. It is rich in vitamin C, iron, proteins, chlorophylle. The nettle is also a stimulant for blood circulation and allows to fight anemia.


Hello Alexia,

Rich in iron and trace elements, the nettle brings to the horses a nice hair, skin, tonicity. The nettle is rich in vitamin C, iron, chlorophylle, proteins, sodium. The nettle also stimulates blood circulation and allows to fight against anemia. Be careful, some horses can be allergic, in case of doubt, stop giving nettles.


Hello Kim,

We have already a nice variety of plants, hydrolast, bach flowers and efficient products made of micro organism on our website.

We work principaly with Kiala to send goods, and we don't meet any problem at all.

Concerning fertilizers or Big Bags, we work with a delivery company and it's on quotation.