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Gustavo Arroyo

Latin America evokes polo, gauchos or criollos, but not only: showjumping has grown fast, and champions are now shining at the highest level: Rodrigo Pessoa for Brazil, Carlos López for Colombia, or also Gustavo Arroyo for Venezuela. Gustavo Arroyo is one of the best ambassadors of this new equitation. Willing to share his methods, the Venezuelan rider is training riders such as Louise Rochefort, and remains very close to his latino culture.

Hello Tessy,

I think we have some similarities, as latinos we have similarities in our riding. And to improve it, we need to go to Europe, that is what we did.
A rider needs a team, and we find it in Europe, even if we are starting to have this kind of system in Venezuela.

With Carlos Lopez, we have the same age, we showed together in Latin America, it is a great rider.


Hello Coleen,

No, I don't think it will become popular because it's an expensive sport (shows, equipment, horses...). For the moment, the situation of the country doesn't help. Even if the shows existing in my country are great, fences are beautiful, the ambiance is good, the organization is very professional...


Hello Amy,

My father was a showjumping rider, but at that time professional riders didn't exist. He was champion of the junior category, I was born in this universe, and it was a great chance!

I started horse riding at the age of 11, and until 21 years old my father was my professor.

It is thanks to him that I am where I am today !


Hello Jack,

Yes, there are championships: the Bolivian Games (for South America), and South American Games (Central America and South America). I have been selected for these games, but because of vet issues with the importation of horses, it was complicated: 40 days of quarentine, and 2 months in the U.S. I will try to do it next year with a horse I especially prepare for that!


Hello Maddy,

I left Venezuela 17 years ago. I often went to France to buy horses, so I made some friends, and that's why I wanted to settle there.
At the beginning, I wanted to stay 2 years, but finally I stayed!


Hello Melinda,

When I arrived in France, I worked in a sale barn, horses didn't belong to me, it was great horses. When they were good for the high level, we sold them.
Then I wanted to keep them longer to progress. With my Venezuelan friends, I partnered to buy horses, and we are trying to bring them to great classes.


Hello David,

In Venezuela, most horses came from Argentina, but the quality wasn't at its best. I have a friend who has a little breeding, with european horses, he produces 15 horses every year, good horses, and it helped a lot the level of breeding in Venezuela, but the rest of the horses we find in Venezuela aren't as good as european horses.


Hello Will,

I think that with the price of Grand Prix horses, it's impossible to buy them when they are in the high level.
You need to buy them at the age of 5 years old, the main quality is the locomotion, a good balance. When we jump, we need to feel power, and a lot of balance. The dream is to have a great temper too. When we buy a horse, we often think that we buy the dream horse, but when he arrives at home, we realize he has flaws, and you have to learn how to deal with them!


Hello Kareen,

I was 18 years old, I was studying to become a vet. But my university was always on strike aha. I was riding since I was little, and in the city where I studied there were riding centers. One of them gave me the opportunity to ride horses, in exchanges of giving lessons... So after my day at the university, I was with horses, I loved it! Finally, I started to study advertising, and when I graduated I told my dad that I would continue with horses, and I don't regret it!


Hello Fanny,

It's a sport where you have to be dedicated, you have to follow every good advice of every good professional regarding the respect of horses, technique...
You need support, to don't be afraid of the sacrifices, it's a hard job. But it so great to win a show and to share it with your family.
For me, this is not a job, it is a pleasure. When I am not around horses, it's a bad day. I can't stay behind a laptop all day.