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Haras de la Belletière

More than 2000 horses crossed the doors of this balneotherapy center of exception, whether it is jumping champions or races hotshots. The Haras de la Belletière offers its services to the performance with always more innovative tools, from aquatic treadmills to the spa, including a vibrating plate and a solarium. By creating a program personalized for every horse, the team helps the physical and mental preparation, or reeducation.

Hi Megan,

There are no rules, the vast majority can be summed up in three main categories, breaks for mental or physical fatigue (often both, because the two are intimately linked), athletes in physical preparation before the Competitions or race meetings, and finally horses in post-traumatic care: severe strokes and engorgement, sprains, tendonitis, fractures, surgeries ......
For the record, we have treated almost all races, all ages, and all sizes. In traumatology, it’s often tendinitis...

Team haras de la Belletière

Hello Rebecca,

In the river 20minutes in winter when the water is very cold, as a rule with the cold it is better to multiply the sessions of 20minutes approximately that of longer sessions at the risk of creating skin problems. If you use the shower at home to reduce inflammation or water-logging it should be done at least 20 minutes.
In carpets the sessions range from a few minutes to 60 minutes.
You can go on our website you will see this in video

Team haras de la Belletière

Hello Will,

We don’t have dogmas, we work with all those who present effective products ..... it would be difficult to list them because each has its specialty, I urge you to use our site or our Facebook page so that we exchange Privately on this topic. Our website

Team haras de la Belletière

Hello Dereck,

For the care you can totally follow up, in the massages, the use of mud and other clays, and we give you recommendations for the resumption of work.
Then we are at your disposal to discuss what is going or is not so good and try to find solutions...
If you have equipment or treadmills in your home or in an establishment, we can advise you on how to use it. Better even we organize small formations (with your horse if you wish), to perfect you in all these techniques. You can consult our site in the training section.

Team haras de la Belletière

Hello Kareen,

Not every day but often for some, especially for those who have fragile or very fragile legs, this allows them to train hard while preserving their legs.
For horses that do not have a back problem, the swimming pool is an excellent tool especially to speed up a physical preparation because the cardio vascular effort is very important... that is why this tool must be used with prudence and competence...

Team haras de la Belletière

Hi Amy,

This is an unusual demand in postoperative surgery, but it is important to take up a progressive and controlled activity and to restore a harmonious musculature for this we rely on the visit veterinary entry sometimes supplemented by a Osteopathic assessment to define the limits of the horse and from there we build programs in the carpets and other equipment to help the horse to exceed these limits until it regains the fullness of its physical and psychological means.
For us, each case is unique and we can not define a program or protocol until we have seen the horse and defined its capacities, its limits and brought them closer to the objectives of the owner.
Have a look on our site all this is developed there.

Team haras de la Belletière

Hello Mark,

I cannot tell you everything, depends:
- the condition of the horse,
- the date of the event in relation to its arrival at the Center.
A full check up is done on the first day, study of the medical record, veterinary visit, test in the machines to apprehend the capacities of the horse and from there we establish a protocol of care .......

Team haras de la Belletière

Hello David,

The only question that I feared, because we often have a duty of confidentiality on the name of the horses that we welcome, know that having welcomed 1,500 horses since the opening of the center we inevitably welcomed champions.
I see that you are CSO riders, we have received the Grand Prix horses of Patrick Mac Entee, we have at this moment another horse of great price which was in the stake of Grégory Wathelet, and a young mare mounted by the One of four riders representing France this summer in Brazil
In the races we work or have worked with all the great trainers of trot and gallop...

Team haras de la Belletière

Hello Megan,

Yes and after the time of discovery, they love it. When they arrive at the center, we offer them a discovery program, that is to say that we bring them into all the types of apparatus present at the center. When one sees that they enter and leave without any apprehension and that they are relaxed, we begin the programs. We have set up a 5-day training "Balneotherapy at home" where we welcome you with your horse. This training has a twofold objective: To initiate the horse safely in physio-balneotherapy devices and to give notions to its owner or rider so that the work is done the right way.

Team haras de la Belletière

Hello Molly,

Every day alternating:
- either variable treadmill coupled with a SPA session or river and paddock
- either an aquatic treadmill coupled with a vibrating session and paddock session
At least twice a week thermo-heating mud wrap and massage (massage can be daily if needed)

Team haras de la Belletière