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Holly Ward

She started equitation at the age of five, then combining this passion to hig jump medals, Holly Ward was raised living a true athletic and eclectic lifestyle. After a life-changing riding accident, Holly's jumping career came to a halt to give way to dressage. Fitness addict, she transformed her experience into a strenght to help others to achieve their goals through mental and physical coaching.

Hi Norman,

I would definitely use the mobility ball, there are many different exercises you can find online, this works your core and balance, incorporate this atlease once a week in your gym program.


Hi Charlotte,

Before show day I always eat a nice steak and potatoe with green veggie meal. This is packed with loads of nutrients. You can sub the steak and put your favourite meat or vegan option. Right after your test or round pack a protein shake to feed your muscles and drink lots of water. I usually put oranges and ginger and lemon in my water so I get even extra vitamins.


Hi Tessy,

I do both there is no rule to that but just make sure you stretch and have a protein shake or small snack before the next ride or gym. We burn lots of calories so make sure to anti up on health food to fuel your body.


Hi Kim,

I would advise you to strength train at the gym. Get a knowledgeable coach to help you. Weight,and functional training is the best to ensure yourself you know a nice solid core for riding. Stretch at least 3 times a
Week. The gym is a good foundation to being a stronger rider! I train at the gym 5 days a week!


Hi Kareen,

I would say getting a knowledge coach, and a horse that can teach you the levels and ropes of Dressage. Now that I’m doing it I quickly realize that Dressage is something you take your time with, learn each level.


Hi Carmen,

Yes! There are lots of fun at home workouts you can do to strengthen your muscles for a better set in the saddle. Make sure to have some smal weights and a resistance band this will add more endurance to your workout. I suggest all things abs and squats, walking lunges, push-ups, chair dips, planks, and always stretch, every day if you can. The frog stretch is my personal fave! Really open ups the hips.


Hi Connor,

Speaking from experience, I would say just take your time, it’s not something you rush. You will feel it, when ur ready. For me it was like a light switch “ click.... I’m ready to do this!” Everyone is different, but definitely do get back on! Enjoy the process. I wish you best of luck, happy healing.


Hi Abby,

I would say for jumpers 100% functional training and HIIT workouts your based on speed, agility, and precision. This will help you strengthen your core and fast twitch muscles.


Hi Maria,
All types of workouts are great to improve riding. To keep it simple I would do weight training, cardio, and stretching (every day) I typically go to the gym 5 days a week and cardio 3 times a week.

Hello K F,

I would say the best way to start Dressage is to find a coach that is knowledgeable and and participate in lessons. Learning is everything !