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Jacques Ricou

If we were to describe him with 3 figures: 1.278 victories in France, 14 Group 1 races, and 5 ‘Cravache d’Or’ (title for French jump racing Champion Jockey). Jacques Ricou met his passion thanks to his father, a racegoer, who made him discover the racing world. He will learn his jockey job with Guillaume Macaire, the training French reference of this sector. Also chairman of the Jockeys’ Association, Jacques Ricou, apart from being a champion, is a primary player of the French racing world.

Hello Madison,

It is a splendid, inflexible yet thrilling universe !


Hello Elliott,

I became a jockey step by step.
First, when I was a child I loved being at the races, when I was watching a race, nothing else mattered.
I was finding the show beautiful and horses fascinating, they are impressive, full of strength and to be able to guide them and to use their potential to go as fast as possible, I find it incredible.

I was dreaming of becoming a jockey, and to win a race, so I won one, then two... Then I met a horse: Jaillir du Cocher. With him, it was incredible, this horse marked the beginning of my career.


Hello Duncan,

It depends, when we ride horses with whom we don't have special relations, or if we are a lot in the race (18 for example), it can be stressful.

But when the race begins, the stress goes away.


Hello Charlotte,

Fences are different, there are only two types of fences there, and racetracks are much bigger. The ambiance is totally different, it is another world.


Hello Melinda,

I ride my bike and I run a lot, I also have a sports coach who comes to my house 3 or 4 times a week for stretching exercices and cladding.

When time passes, it's really important, when we are young our body can take it but if you want to last at the highest level, you have to work.


Hello Alexia,

I was living in the west of France, where there are more jump races. I liked the relation with the animal, which is more furtive in flat races, because they are faster.

I went to a lot of flat races, jockeys are real tightrope walkers, Formula 1 pilots. There are so much details and it goes really fast.


Hello Kareen,

By thinking about the next race, and by avoiding to repeat the same mistakes.
I watch all my races to improve myself, it's really important to face your responsibilities to progress.


Hello Amy,

I don't eat fat things, and not really often three meals a day. My weight can't exceed 132 pounds, so when I come back from holidays and I am 138 pounds, I don't feel well 😉.


Hello Connor,

Yes, with my wife's name 😉 But I love horses too much to have a breeding because you have to sell them. It will be in another life 😉


Hello Lauren,

Yes, I won several races in England and in Italy. I rode in Ireland but I didn't won unfortunately. I rode a lot in England at the beginning of my career, for Ireland I have been there two years ago!