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Jeanne Sadran

Competitor since her earliest age, Jeanne Sadran knows how to use her strong character in order to fight to achieve her goals. Aware of the exigency of her sport, it is thanks to her rigor and her organization that Jeanne is reaching the most beautiful shows in the world. From Doha to the legs of the Global Champions League with her team, Monaco Aces, she is one of the rising star of her generation.

My super parents

I think i wish harrie smolders or Edwina tops

I love the « Team Spirit »

For this year no because i finish the school but maybe next year i hope !!

I think no because the girl have different qualities

Self confidence and have fun

Marcus henning and nelson Mandela

Without hesitation Dada Sport

I think i have great family and friends

I will advise to enjoy the good times

Lot of ground bar and cavals