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Kamel Boudra

Modern art and music enthousiast, it is toward his first passion for the equestrian world that Kamel Boudra chose to guide his journalistic career. Presenter and iconic commentator, Kamel has run the show on the French TV channel Equidia for the past decade, before using his talent at SFR sport. In parallel of his job, he follows with passion the evolution of the horses from his breeding.

Hello Emily,

No, because today, we also find a comfortable quality of runways despite the little size of them. The runways chiefs works a lot to protected horses but puts riders in the technical difficulty. And that’s exactly the difficulty of this job.

Hello Tessy !

I would especially find a solution for the equestrian sports to keep it in the television.
At my risk and expense, because I ‘m not trying to apply for a job elsewhere.
I don’t even want to leave the boat.


Hello Debra !

It’s important to move from an individual sport to a team sport. And also the importance to internationalized at the most. The teams represented proudly theyr countries.



I would say the biggest challenge is to stay in the Olympic Games. The horseriding is present in the Olympic games since its inception. And after all, every time, there is a risk to be removed from the Games. Certain sports go in and others do out.


Hello Maddy !

I think for France, it has much improved in general, all disciplines inclusive. The CCE riders are really simple. If I can give you a clear picture, the CCE is the equivalent of rugby and the show jumping is the equivalent of french football.


Hello James,

I think that we have achieved the maximum frequency of competitions.
And for the impact on horses, I often asked myself. But finally, we can see they ageing well. And I believe that if it had a negative impact on them, the results could be reduced and the horses would not give what they giving.


Hello Jack,

That will range from three to ten. It’s depend on the place, if we are on place, if we do a broadcast … There are no preconceived rules. We do adjust to the event, the place, the needs.


Hello Connor,

When I started, I was the first to do interviews on the ends of runway. At the beginning It was very hard because they were not accustomed. Today, it’s easier, the riders are playing the game. Some of them come to see me themselves.


Hello Amy,

Let’s speak about Equestrian especially. We had a managing editor. We conducted a meeting on wednesday and we are discussed at the moment, according to the news, shoots, and our desires of the moment. And all of that need to be confirmed by the managing editor.


Hello Charlotte,

Firstly, we buy the FEI rights. After there are events who interested us more than others. But yes, we are obliged to make a choice, we can’t be everywhere.