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Karim Laghouag

Iconic rider of the Eventing French Team, Karim Laghouag is known to have a particular relation with his supporters. And, among others, it is what pushed him towards a team golden medal at the Rio Olympics. Sharing these values of transmission and sharing, Karim is a perfect representative of the Horsealot’s spirit.

Hello Emma,

It is all about having a good recovery. Meaning that you can't suddenly stop a horse after a training session. You need to provide leg and back care. For example, thalassotherapy or simply cold shower on the legs, because the body temperature can be really high after training. The goal is for the horse to get his normal temperature back quickly.
In our facilities we have the chance to be able to walk the horses in a river to cool down the legs.
And for my top horses, they regularly have massages in thalassotherapy.


Hello Stanley,

We dilgently reviewed the whole veterinary check-up. Then he went for a thalassotherapy in Bordeaux, at the Haras de Malleret. Afterwards he mostly did stretching and muscle building exercises, a lot of outside rides for him to be in good spirit, in order to start the new season under the best conditions.


Hello Lily,

Carrying on until Tokyo and then Paris 2024. Especially if Paris is competing in 2024 rather than in 2028. I will maybe be too old.


Hello Amber,

The cross country course in Rio was amazing,unless maybe the combination number 6 which was a little bit arguable.
This really was a high level course for me and all of the riders. I really looked forward to ride it, it was beautiful. For me, it was a really demanding and sweaty course but you already know the outcome of it ;)
I went through different stages of emotion : excitement, disappointment, and in the end a strong joy for the gold medal!


Hello Nathalie,

It’s very hard to answer this question. Generally speaking first you need to find the athletics qualities of the horse. Then you need to find out mental qualities and eventually the fact that he agrees with his rider. There’s not really a number of horses. I would say, on average, probably one out of 5 horses.


Hello Morgan,
On the lunge line there are several interesting exercises. The lunging system (if you use one) must be adjusted quite low. Working with the rope halter can be interesting as well. Regarding the exercises, foam or plastic ground rails provide a great bounce and a good gymnastic for the horse. Karim.

Hello Francesca,

I've always dreamed of going to the Olympics without really believing in it. Then, thanks to practise and goos results, I have been able to aim for an Olympic selection several times. I have been reservist twice. So I was really impatient for Rio. I gain a lot of experience by training for it.
The final decision was made by the French staff!


Hello Lauren,

Flatwork is above all a stretching work that has to be done daily. Then, there is specificity about jumping, with pole work, small courses, … But flatwork is a very important part of the daily routine.


Hello Ana,

The first key of success is the hard work.
Then, the constant search of knowledge about horses to know them better is also an important ingredient of success.


Hello Maria,

We need to distinguish the improvement of the canter during dressage and the canter endurance. About the canter endurance, it has to be trained once a week, to improve the movement and the cardiovascular skills.