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Kerry Mccahill

Since her debut in competition up to the Junior classes, it is on the American showjumping circuit that Kerry Mccahill has been rising. If she spends the winter season under Wellington's sun, it is now in the Netherlands that she is practicing between two legs of the Longines Global Champions Tour. Whether it is in London, Rome or Paris, the rider follows a fitness routine infallible & indispensable to stay in shape throughout the seasons.

Hello Matthew,

For me being in the U.S. for winter is not only great for the show season, it’s also some time I can focus on riding while being home! When I’m home during WEF in Florida in the U.S some advantages would be that there is usually great weather, a vibrant atmosphere at the show, and everything is in close proximity. So a lot of what you could want in a winter to Spring solution for showing! When Spring hits and it gets to be very warm I think it’s a great time to head to Europe as the show season after the Spain tours begin! Then I think the best shows in the world are really held in Europe till Wellington again! However I’m more based in Europe this year though to try something different!


Hello Ian,

There are quite a few! Doing something with Marcus Ehning or Beezie Madden would be pretty incredible though!


Hello Lily,

I do running here and there but only really when I’m not riding at times. Running can be really hard on your joints and legs so I really try to avoid it when riding due to risk of injury. Swimming is great! I don’t get much time to get in the pool with the hours I ride, but love it! I find I’m able to do a lot more body weight cardio based exercises when I’m away at shows especially when I’m living in hotels though. I really like burpees, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, or some intense power walking uphill on a treadmill can really get your heart rate up while still protecting your muscles. 😊


Hello Tessy,

I have around 6 horses to work with for this season! 🙂


Hello Norman,

I would say having an honest, willing, safe horse always provides a good foundation. On top of that I’d say scope and carefulness is what you’d really look for when it comes to being competitive! 😊


Hello Molly,

Yes I’d say I have! Although at first everything seemed very foreign to me! I’ve always loved traveling though so it’s sort of a new adventure every time I get on a plane!


Hello Eliott,

I really loved how special the shows on the GCT circuit made you feel to be there as an athlete, no matter how you did or who you were! But especially being able to compete against some of my idols while on the same team was an experience I’ll never forget or undervalue! To watch them ride on a daily basis and have their support when your competing was such a dream!


Hello Kim,

Haha I find it definitely the easiest to be in my riding clothes, but for sure being not too overdressed is key I think!! A tee shirt with a leather jacket, jeans, a cute bag and casual sneakers for daytime is one of my favorites! For at night if it’s a night class I usually go with something similar but I’d wear a dressier top underneath with maybe booties to dress it up a bit. 😉


Hello Maddy,

It really depends on how busy of a day I have! If I’m only showing or riding a couple of horses and it’s not too taxing I’d say I’d definitely hit the gym later on. However I’m not the biggest advocate on working out too strenuously before a heavy day of training or showing. I prefer to do any hard workouts until after so I’m not trained or unmotivated when I start riding for the day.


Hello Philippa,

Mentality is huge for riding. It’s something I’ve brought into my routine for not only big shows but all the time! I love listening to motivational sports audios before showing and listening to music to block out background distractions esp at a big show!