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Laetitia Du couedic

Laêtitia Du Couëdic started to enjoy competition quite late, but once she started, she never stopped. The Swiss rider made improved her riding with Kévin Staut, and knew how to put the odds in her favor to accelerate her ascent. By riding 6 hours a day, she dedicates all her time to her passion, and when it was time to choose between a lawyer's career and the world of showjumping, it is the latter who won. Surrounded with the Hermès Team, Laëtitia works hard to reach the highest level.

Hello Sarah,

It's not easy to find promising young horses. for me, they need to show a good technique and to be careful.


Hello Rebecca,
I really count on Jackson and I am looking for new young horses.

Hello Will,
I have never had a real problem about it, but however I try not to get reached by those problems:)

Hello Dereck! The day before I work intensely on the flat. I would jump 2 or 3 days before the competition and if Jean-Maurice is here he does the coure walk with me and gives me his advice during the warm-up or if I'm alone I put myself in a bubble and it is my groom who puts the poles for me in the paddock.

Hello Kareen,
I love riding in France because I have many friends there and the arenas are much bigger than in Switzerland. I felt really well in the USA last winter and I would love to do again that tour in Florida during the next winters. I don't know where I will live later yet, but I love travelling!

Hello Amy,
It is difficult to describe exactly because our sessions were adapted to my results and to every horse. I was in the same stables than him, in the Haras de la Forge and we could work together every time that he was there. Usually at the beginning of the week.

Hello Lauren,
I think that is Bertram Allen. I feel a lot of respect also for Lillie Keenan and Lucy Davis for example who are brilliantly studying (or have been studying) while being at high level.

Hello Mark,

I was really proud to finish with 4 faults with Cheyenne in my first World Cup Qualifying, in Wellington last February. It was a really hard round with a serious competition and it was important for me to succeed this round. Cheyenne has been really great.

Hello David, I am working with a breeder in Switzerland. The rest of my horses are owned by my family.

Hello Norman,
Geneva is convenient because we are close to France and there are many shows there. For national competitions, I think that it is in the German part of Switerland that we are the best located.