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Maelle Martin

Cavalière passionnée avec la tête sur les épaules, Maëlle Martin s'est lancée dans sa carrière de professionnelle avec un solide bagage grâce à la formation de l'École Nationale d'Équitation, et un diplôme universitaire. Son passage au Pôle France Jeune lui a permis de découvrir les ingrédients du haut niveau avant d'être propuslée sur le devant de la scène avec son cheval de coeur, Giovani. Maëlle met toutes les chances de son côté pour cultiver la performance en s'entourant notamment de professionnels comme la famille Rozier ou Ashford Farm.

Hi Davis,

It’s important for me to train with real coaches. A very good rider is not necessarily a good coach in contrast you have to take advice from everywhere and everyone.
Thanks :)


Hello Kim,

I think we are compared a lot mainly because of our GPA First Lady 😃
But I never tried to copy her. I appreciate her precision and her sense of rhythm but I can’t get up sitting like her.


Hello Emily,

I've always wanted to be a professionnal rider but I didn't wanted to go blindly without any diploma. That's why I choose the training program of the Ecole Nationale d'Equitation à Saumur.
Thanks for your question, bye!


Hi Connor,

Nelson Pessoa is, for me, the rider and the coach who most marked the riding. He has made the sport evolve by making it more modern.


Hello James,

I am fortunate to be able to train horses with great potential. Notably horses of 7 and 8 years.
Bye :)


Hello Melinda,

I take care of the valorisation and competition of the horses and nathanael then finds clients and manages the sale.
Bye bye


Hello Lauren,

I don't have any problems with that, experienced riders are always there if you need an advice et never hesitate to discuss with me their plans after walking the course!
Thank you for your question, see you soon!


Hi Maddy,

It's a big opportunity for me to be chosen to ride 5* shows and I enjoy every day riding horses like Giovani.
Thank you for your question!


Hello Tessy,

I have always been inspired by Cavaliers such as Rodrigo Pessoa or Ludger Berbaum.
The main actors who allowed me to ride to high level are Nathanaël, who always pushed me and even encourage moments of doubt, Laurence de Bordas the co-owner of Gio who allows me to ride such a horse and the Roziers who always Listening people and by their advice and experience have enabled me to progress. I also had the chance to enter the Pole France Youth in 2011 in Saumur and I discovered the bottom "ingredients" of the high level.
Bye bye


Hi Mark,

The main change in my life after european championship was the transition from young riders shows to senior ones. Even if the young rider shows are a wonderful experience, in the seniortrack you get to ride with riders with a lot more experience.
Thank you for your question, bye!