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Mike Barthelemy

If the best American riders have an optimal physical condition, it is because they went through the hands of Mike Barthelemy, the most popular sports coach of the East Coast. Every winter, he settles in Wellington to optimize their performance on the saddle. Based in Florida, Mike is living of his passion for fitness and healthy lifestyle in parallel to his model career. Specialized in riders’ physical training, his first pupil remains his wife Liubov Kocheteva, Russian Olympic rider.

Hello Daryl,

I train all kinds of athletes that’s no matter what sports discipline. I do change exercises for each athletes daily to help them perform better at their sports.


Hello Kessy,

Best detox I suggest is having a clean diet and not over eat, drink lots of water and stay away from alcohol.


Hello Cammie,

You can keep following your vegetarian diet and have a daily workout routine a balance diet and a balance workout routine will help you get the best results as a vegetarian.


Hello Will,

My mentor when it comes to sports is Eric Thomas.


Hello Melinda,

I prefer training in lululemon and Nike at the gym as far as on the saddle I’m not sure that might be better for a rider to guide you on that!


Hello Levis,

On the saddle most riders work their lower back a lot , and also the legs such as hamstrings.
Most riders think riding is a workout which is not it’s more like a sport so to get better on the saddle and to become a better and stronger rider you have to strengthen the muscles that’s doing all the wearing and tearing such as your lower back , core , shoulders and legs , Glute , hamstrings , and work on your hip flexibility as well.


Hello Elliott,

It’s really simple to plan a training program during WEF.
All you have to do is simply send and email to [email protected] we will follow up with you very fast and ask you few questions about your goals so we can tailor the workout program to fit your goals on and off the saddle.


Hello Maddy,

You can do some single leg lunges twist, some planks and side planks for your core and mountain climber I usually do 4sets of everything.


Hello Tessy,

Stay away from drinking, eat clean.


Hello Amy,

I like the fact that I get the chance to work with all kinds of athletes and help them get to their full potential physically and also stronger on and off the saddle.