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Naomi Schroeder

She fell in love with Polo when her father began to play, she has never stopped her training to become better, motivated by the lifestyle surrounding this sport. Performant player but not only, Naomi is also a real influencer on Instagram where she gives many health and fitness tips.


my advice would be to first be a good rider or at least take riding classes while learning polo. Being able to ride without really thinking about what you're actually doing is essential, because focusing on holding the stick, hitting the ball, and being in the middle of this really fast game, is already challenging enough.
Once you know how to ride just enjoy yourself, and keep working on your skills to become better every day :)

All the best, Naomi

Hi Coleen,

healthy eating for me means to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, unprocessed food, and healthy fats e.g. fish, nuts, and avocado. When buying meat and eggs for example I always try to go for free-range products and in general I love drinking green juices for breakfast. My absolute favorite is a juice made of: spinach, parsley, ginger, green apples, celery, lime and cucumber :)


Hi Tessy,

I'm not sure if there is a proper fitness regime because I know quite a lot of players that don't really do anything to stay in shape, but anyway manage to play somehow.
I on the other hand try to train nearly everyday by doing a combination of weight and cardio sequences. You need the weight part to be able to hold yourself on the horse and hit the ball etc.. The cardio part is really important too, because if you don't have a well trained heart, you will probably not be able to keep up for a whole game. And then of course I try to eat clean and healthy and barely drink any alcohol.
Regards, Naomi

Hi Ben,

I do it all by myself and I really enjoy doing it so for now I wouldn't even want anyone to help me with it :)
Regards, Naomi

Hi Connor,

I don't have a fixed plan yet but already an idea of course...
So in either January or March I might go to Dubai with my sister to participate in a Ladies Tournament they are hosting there.
In April we will start the season on our own horses in Mallorca. From there we will be going to Chantilly in France to play some tournaments. Before going back to Mallorca in July / August we might go to St. Tropez or Sotogrande. The last two weeks of August I want to try to play a tournament in Deauville before going back to Chantilly in September. From there we go back to Mallorca once again to end the season and putting the horses out for the winter break.

Hi Gary,

the first thing I usually do when I get up is to go to the gym and have a good session, always depending though if I have a game that day or not. On game days I usually rest in the morning to keep my energy up.
After finishing the gym I usually try to do all the things on my to-do-list before having something to eat and heading to the stables. It always depends on the day if I just single the horses, have a practice game or train the whole group together. After training them I usually stay in the stables for a bit longer to see how they are doing before going home, having dinner and finishing the day.

Hi Molly,

I usually try not to have an off polo season. Last winter for example I went to Argentina for 2,5 months to play and after that for another 2 months to Florida. Polo became such a big part of my life that I don't think I could spend a whole winter without it.
All the best, Naomi

Hi Will,

for now it only is my passion but I would love to make it my job, or at least a part of my job.
Best regards, Naomi

Hi Rebecca,

I really enjoy doing different classes like spinning, BodyPump, Crossfit, and a new concept which we have here in Hamburg. It is called Urban Heros and is a combination of cardio sequences where you are on a treadmill doing sprints, running up the hill etc. and strength sequences which you do on the floor using weights. This workout really kills you and is my all-time favorite.
Regards, Naomi

Hi Darly,

when not playing I love spending time with my friends. Polo is a really time consuming sport so during the season I usually don't get to see much of them. Therefore whenever I have time I try to at least meet my friends for a coffee or cook something together at night.
Apart from that I love traveling and getting to know new places. My plan for the coming January and February for example is to explore Indonesia.
All the best, Naomi