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Nicolas Blondeau

His taste for discovery allowed him to rub shoulders with several universes: jumping, dressage, eventing, and even racing. Very young, he is passionate about learning to the young horse, and he initiates himself with ponies. It is this experience close from different horses which allowed him to found his own method: the Blondeau method, that he transmits today through his school, in Saumur. Riders, owners and trainers from the world come to be formed by his side in order to achieve this dialogue in harmony.

Hello Tessy,

I love Jocelyne Porcher’s quote: “the animal makes society with the human” (she is the INRA director of research).

This leads us to as ourselves this question: “do we propose a good society model to our horses?”.

I recommend you to read this book: “breeder and animals recreate the link” by Jocelyne Porcher to understand more about this problematic.


Hello Melinda,

Yes I do. The first reason why I created my method was for that kind of horses! Here’s a link where you will be able to know more about my vision of the re-education of horses:


Hello Rebecca,

I recommend you to have a look at the horse’s educational part of the Blondeau website: .
You’ll see many videos to help you understand the main pillars to educate a foal.


Hello Will,

Blondeau method is observed and interests the Animals’ Lab Group which is lead by Jocelyne Porcher, INRA’s director at Montpellier. Scientific works are made and we will publish them as soon as we get all the results, especially for you!


Hello Dereck,

To me, it is no gift but a lot of work:
o Equestrian culture
o Practical exercises
o Experimentation

Those essential points allowed me to build the Blondeau method.
Here is a link where you can know more about my career and my different experiences:


Hello Kareen,

I would recommend this video :
where I explain which are to me the main pillars that make my method, which is based on trust.


Hello Amy,

I have the chance to work with many of them!

A good cooperation between the rider and his horse is an essential point for performance


Hello Mark,

That’s a really good question.
I personally thought about the infrastructures of my stables depending on what I had to teach to the horse.

Here’s the link so you can know more about the installations that I chose to build:


Hello David,

This is one of the main problematics because of which I created the Blondeau method, you have to be determined and coherent in this case scenario with the horse.

In this video, you can see one of my students learning about how to cope with this problem at the Blondeau school, this will certainly help you:


Hello Adeline,

It depends on all his story.
That’s a long time work, that’s why I’ve created the Blondeau method.
I recommend you a video: