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Noëlle Floyd

"My favorite part of the day is the sunrise, before anyone is awake." Noëlle Floyd is addicted to work, discovery and change. That is how she built Noëlle Floyd Magazine, to make it become one of the most influential media in the equestrian sports world. What pushes Noëlle to evolve everyday her magazine, is the inspiration that horses give her; she talks about them as incredible beings, and her writing is her way of defending them.

Hi Lily,

The key to growing successfully is the team you build around you. Erin Gilmore, the Senior Editor for NF, was the first person that I brought on and she is incredible.
Erin Gilmore and I are a team and as we have brought more people into the NF Family, we work together on a basis of a tremendous amount of mutual respect. Building a dream team absolutely determines the growth and the strength of that growth.


Hi Chris,

We have a lot of funny B-Roll of our video productions. We will release some “Outtakes” and “Bloopers” videos in 2017. We have some very exciting video projects coming out in 2017 so I think you guys will be really happy.


Hi Shya,

I’m sorry I dont know much about the equine art at the LGCT and Masters event. All I know is that they are stunning and the sculptures particularly are amazing.


Hi Mark,

I would love to work more with Hermes as a brand. I think they could do some amazing things in the sport and I would love to share my vision with them. I think they have the brand recognition to really stand apart in the sport.


Hi Lauren,

There are a lot of fundamental differences between the American system and the European system in show jumping. First and foremost, Europe is at the “Sale” side of the supply chain, whereas America is considered very much the “Retail” side of the supply chain when it comes to horse sales.

The trickle down effect of this fundamental difference is expansive. The sport has a larger following in Europe, so the overall culture of horse sport is more established in Europe. A larger percentage of the population know who won the last World Equestrian Games, so that creates a tone of understanding and respect around horse sport.

North America is still a growing country when it comes to building a culture around horse sport. You hear more people in North America say things like, “ya but the rider just sits there, the horse does all the work right?” - this reflects a culture that understands horse sport less and therefore kids growing up in horse sport grow up with a different overall feeling towards horse sport, from society’s perspective.

That is one of the reasons I started my platform, to bridge that gap between parts of the world that are well-established in horse sport and those that are not. To be able to champion the team work that exists between horse and rider which will help the larger mainstream audience in North America, for example, understand why horse sport is so awesome.

When it comes to horse shows and showing, there are more “modest” horse show opportunities in Europe. This supports the “sales” side of horse sport business in Europe. It is more economical to own a number of horses and ride as an amateur in many ways but that really comes down to your discipline. If you are a western rider, than showing in Europe is not more established.


Hi David,

Well anytime I do any video content with Scott Brash, we always have a laugh. He’s really funny and has a great sense of humour. Tiffany Foster is also really funny and we can always get into fits of giggles when we are filming. But all the funny stories that I have are ones where you needed to be there to see the humour. Harder to explain after the fact.


Hi Adeline,

I am most proud for bringing a fresh face to equestrian publications. I want to make a magazine for the millennial, to generations who love Vanity Fair and Vogue and want that in an equestrian magazine. EEM was the first horse show we partnered with and I was really proud to partner up with such a prestigious event that I respect. Seeing my magazine through out the Masters of Paris was a particularly proud moment for me because I love that show, I love what they have created and I love what they stand for.


Hi Norman,

My ultimate goals is to allow the magazine to be the fresh face of modern horse sport and equestrian lifestyle. I think our readers want so much from an equestrian magazine and I think we can really freshen things up in equestrian publications. Truly create a magazine that is representative of the modern rider, the millennial rider around the world.


Hi Alexia,

All of my favorite moments relate to the team work between horse and rider. I cant say that I have ONE best memory. That is one of the best parts of horse sport, there are so many moving moments through out the year. Little cherished moments like when Phillip Dutton hugged his horse Mighty Nice in Rio once he learnt that they had won Individual Bronze together. That hug speaks a thousand words and it is why I do what I do. Those are my best moments, when the whole world understands what it means to win WITH a horse.


Hi Philippa,

I love working with Noel Asmar as a brand. They are Canadian, modern, fashionable and just a pleasure to work with. I also really love Horseware and AA Platinum. The Horseware blankets are just so cool and they really care about the sport and making great products for horses all over the world. AA is what I’ve always ridden in myself so naturally I love that brand! Tucci is also a terrific brand that share my vision for the future. Their boots are to die for!