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Patrick Paillol

Before surrounding himself with horses, maté and maillets, Patrick Paillol started his career in finance at Morgan Stanley. As a polo player member of the French team, he participates in the most beautiful tournaments and lives fully the Argentinian lifestyle!

Hi Molly,

I hope polo will come back to the Olympic Games but honestly it will be hard because of the organisation.
We are pushing to make a polo exhibition game at the Olympics in Paris in 2024. This could be amazing for Polo.


Hi Amy,

If you have a chance to go to Argentina to see the Argentina open in Palermo (this is in Buenos Aires) you will see an amazing tournament with the best players in the world. You won't be disappointed, all the 10 goalers play and it is a good excuse to go to Argentina :).
If you can’t you must go to the UK to watch the Gold Cup in the end of June/July.


Hi Philippa,

Yes obviously, you can play in private foreign team. We go mainly to : Argentina, Dubaï, United States, Chili and UK.
There is now a lot of amazing clubs all arround the world like in South Africa, Mallorca, Costa Caries...


Hi Jodie,

Each team has its own manager who choose the Team Line up. He is in charge of calling the players and make the best team he can. It's highly dynamic in the UK, each team can change from one year to another. In France we try to keep a bit longer the same team.


Hi Marian,

This is just a question of timing ! It is difficult when you start but after a few times, you know when you can hit the ball.
Honestly this is not the worst in polo 🙂