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Pierre Costabadie

When he's not on the racecourses, Pierre Costabadie travels the world to share with us the greatest sport moments through his lens. Races, equestrian sports, football, rugby, he always had a passion for the sport universe, for which he knows how to catch the key moments, with the leitmotif of creating pictures that don't need any caption to tell a story. The biggest brands and events call him: the Rio Olympic Games, the Longines Masters, the Las Vegas World Cup, the Longines Prix de Diane in Chantilly,...

Hello Jessica,

The trot extension and the pirouette but mostly the trot extension, which works very well in a picture.


Hello Alexandra,

No, they are set up pictures even if there're really great pictures!

They work in black and white, while I hardly ever do that, and their pictures are really artistic compositions, but I don't do this kind of work. I am somewhere and I am a witness.

I like their work but I am not inspired by them.


Hello Ashley,

It depends on the photographers, but the atmosphere is usually great and friendly.
There's more tension with amateur photographers, influencers, regarding professional photographers.


Hello Mark,

I spend a lot of time with Philippe Rozier, who is a good friend.

A special memory with him would be in Knokke Hippique where he was 2nd of the Grand Prix, and there was a little argument with Philippe Guerdat about his non-selection in the French Team for the Rio Olympic Games.
Philippe Rozier said that he would ride his course as he wished and don't listen to Philippe Guerdat.
So I told him, just for fun, 'so you wanted to bother the French coach?', and the next day, he was selected in the French Team!


Hello Connor,

I would say Hong Kong, then Geneva, the Paris @longinesmasters, there are many of them finally 🙂 A lot of them are ones of my favorites.


Hello Jack,

I have an image to explain the difference: you need to make a picture that doesn't need any caption.
Unlike some journalists, I don't tell 'bullshit', I show them 😉


Hello David,

The best memory is a very nice party with Philippe Lejeune Jr and Edouard Ecary 😉


Hello Caoimhe,

The editing software that works best for all photographers is Photo Mecanic!


Hello Haley,

I only know professional cameras but I would recommend a Sony Alpha 9 even if I work with Canon for several years now.
I don't care about the brand, I take the best. They are expensive cameras but they make really great pictures.


Hi Andrea,

I use a Canon 1dx markII, in terms of focal length I have 14mm to 600mm, everything depends on the field. In indoor, I use the 300mm 2.F 2.8 and outdoors 400m F 2.8.
When the field lends itself as La Baule and Aachen: 600m F. F.4. Coming soon I will buy the Sonny Alpha 9!