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Quentin Faucheur

If he readily lends his wrist for Daniel Wellington, Quentin Faucher is above all one of the successor of French eventing. Immersed in the horse riding universe since his early childhood thanks to his parents, this finance student doesn’t lack of ambition and wants to combine high level and entrepreneurship.

Hello Cammie,

I wanted to study because I am not planning on being only a rider.


Hello Emily,

During winter I work a lot on gym, and basic flatwork.


Hello Tessy,

The most important things are blood, courage and respect.


Hello Amy,

My days don't always look the same, it depends on my college schedule, but I often have classes on mornings so I ride in the afternoon before 6 p.m.
Then I go home and study. Sometimes I am in college all day long, so I organize my horses' weeks depending on that and I plan a lunge or a hack which takes less time.


Hello Kareen,

Yes I try to improve my muscular symmetry with workouts, and a few runs but since my surgery I couldn't restart.
I don't have a special diet but I eat as healthy as possible.


Hello Levis,

Yes, I have already been in England, Belgium and Italy!


Hello ,

No not right now.


Hello David,

I chose eventing forever thanks to my parents but also for adrenaline and the feeling I had on the cross. I also did jumping and pony games being younger.