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Renaud Rahard

Iconic TV figure of equestrian sports, Renaud Rahard passed behind the cameras, today as a producer and program director of Warner Bros. While leading his career in the audiovisual industry, he remains a true horse lover. Passionate breeder, Renaud is also vice president of France Dressage, and a board member of the Selle Français Stud-Book. His work with Nicolas Blondeau only increased his passion for a new technique of dressage, and gave him a new vision of his relationship to horses.

Hello Ashley,

Funny question ;-)

During my career I don't know, but in my personal life, a lot!

It allowed me to learn different contacts with human, to trust myself, and to control my emotions.

I realized that there were living being to guide me and reassure me.


Hello Tessy,

Yes, today if we want to breed a horse in France, we need to bring foreign genetic. Dutch and German are 20 years ahead us, the only way to catch up si by importing horses. All of my dressage brood mares are foreigners.


Hello Cammie,

What type of mare is she, what are her origins? You also need to know what you want to do with your foal.


Hello Joan,

My horses are too young to be followed, I started my breeding 4 years ago (the older is 3 years old).

We will see my first dressage horse next year for its 4 years old.


Hello Mathew,

Belfort is my stallion, Don Trusador, De Niro and Diamond de Sinval this year (a French Saddle produced in France), a son of Don Juan.


Hello Cassie,

I am 54 years old, and it has been 40 years that I have been hearing equestrian sports aren't enough on TV.

If I want to watch the biggest competitions, I can do it now, but 10 years ago I couldn't.


Hello Jodie,

I don't have anything good or bad to think about it. She is the boss! She went really high, then was questioned, she questioned herself. I was astonished by her enthousiasm, and her humor! It is highly earned!


Hello Ian,

Yes :-) I worked with two people who aren't celebrities but who think a lot about the right work, and locomation: Doctor Pradier and Antoine Bancaud. Among the iconic riders, some people fascinate me (Oliveira, Durand...), and I have a passion for Étienne Beudant.


Hello Derek,

Not yet, my breeding is too young :-) But if you want to see my horses it would be a pleasure!


Hello Norman,

No, not for dressage. Sometimes I have showjumping foals but they are destinated to showjumping.