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Salim Ejnaïni

Starting riding at 12, Salim Ejnaïni did not think that a few years later he would win events such as the Grand Prix of CSI parasport in La Baule. Becoming a true representative of the parasport riders, he runs international contests nearby the greatest world riders. With his determination, Salim inspires multiple riders like Guillaume Canet, with whom a real friendship has developed. Hyperactive, he continues his progress on horseback while leading several projects simultaneously like kinesiotherapy for disabled children or even journalism.

Hello Eva,

I was very honored to receive this award, which is a symbol of Morocco's recognition of my performances and my victory at the CSI Handisport de la Baule in 2015. I am also very happy to have been congratulated by the President of The FEI. He encouraged me to continue on the path I am today. It is still a very strong symbol of encouragement! ;)


Hello Alexia,

I met Tiffany when I left the Paris region in 2006. At the time, she was a student-instructor at the equestrian society of Blanquefort. She gave me my first lessons when I saw a little more. It was her first lessons for partially sighted people. She asked me questions (what I saw, my abilities etc.) And from there, we tried! :)


Hello Philippa,

The trajectory is given by my coach who moves and tells me the trajectory to follow: "right" "left" "line".

The caller is a fixed marker which is placed to the right of the jump and indicates to me where the jump is located: "there" at each stride. He once tells me the word "axis" when he thinks that I am well oriented to cross the jump that I am far or near. The caller starts telling me the direction on each reception of the previous jump.

Tiffany made sure to use few words to tell me the direction and we made sure to use words that did not look alike.

There is also the feel of the horse that tends to go for its bar (when I feel he is a little further forward) :)


Hello Kim,

This year I will be competing at the amateur level3, especially in regional in the Southwest. My program is currently stopped until July. I am still planning what will be for the end of the year :)


Hello Amy,

I sometimes had opportunities to discuss with him so I do not know him very well, but he is a very respectful person and he has a very good story on riding. The success he has in Europe is largely deserved because he has a real talent and a real feeling. I love the couple that he forms with Quickly.

I would be very happy to have the opportunity to work with him. It is a great pride for Morocco!


Hello Tessy,

His two qualities are kindness and intelligence! He is smart, voluntary and learns very quickly. He does not necessarily have the means of a very large horse.

His weakness ... his age! He's 16 years old so I'm also looking to save him. I will not try to jump too high heights and I will not go above 1m05-1m10.
I also saved it because he got a shoulder injury by the end of 2015. It is put back but it's important to keep that in mind :)


Hello Melinda,

Unfortunately I have not yet had the opportunity to ride in Morocco (but it is planned!). I have already won an international Handicapped competition for the colors of Morocco. They are very happy that I am the first rider handisport to win a competition under their colors. It was at La Baule in 2015, the second competition that I made with Rapsody;)

I can not wait to do with them :)


Hello Mark,

I started in collective lessons. The first jump was during the passage of my gallop 2;) By dint of jumping in the course of isolated obstacles, I began to dream of one day to be able to compete ...

I started in group lessons. The first obstacle that I jumped during the passage of my level 2 ;) I began to dream of one day to be able to compete...


Hello Lauren,

I'm more technically comfortable. On the other hand, it obliges me to be even more good at all levels because I manage everything.

The horse has no landmark that he can follow. I am obliged to understand all the indications to transmit them correctly to Rapsody.

But since we work on trust, I know that we understand each both and I can understand what he tells me too! I'm not worried I'm with my friend ;)


Hello Ryan,

It's even more complicated because I do not exercise anymore.
I redirected myself to journalism and I also have other projects in progress;) I am divided between Paris, Bordeaux and Bayonne!

I try to stall everything, I give me imperatives and I want to always have three days a week available to go to Bayonne to ride Rapsody :)