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Martina Boccia

Her motto is: “ride your life with a a zest of glamour”, and Martina Boccia implements it through her Tacchi a Cavallo blog, where her passion for fashion and her love for horses blend. Animated by her origins, she has to heart to show them through her articles, that she is writing with an incomparable sense of quality and detail. This love for a job well done earned her the trust of prestigious brand such as Longines, of which she is an ambassador.

Hello Amy,

Bloggers opinions and suggestions are important to spark innovation from the bottom up. They can offer promising new ideas and practices and foster communication and immediate feedbacks. I believe this will be a valuable asset for the future of the equestrian world.


Hi Mark,

one of my favorite horse show is in Rome, Italy, and it is the International Horse Show “Master fratelli d’Inzeo”, simply known as Piazza di Siena. Immersed in the grace, elegance and splendor of Villa Borghese, it is the one where I have been going since my childhood with my parents and where I met the first top professional riders. It is here that my passion for show jumping has grown. Therefore for me is a magic place.


Hi Lauren,

Tacchi a Cavallo is an equestrian lifestyle blog for glamour horse lovers. I write articles about fashion, events, horsemanship and everything inspired by our beloved four-legged friends horses… a concentration of elegance and love.
My claim is “ride your life with a slice of glamour” :-)


Hi David,

Probably wear evening clothes when riding :-)
Well, honestly I world play with accessories in this case like earrings, scarves, and hats!


Hi Alexia,

The top world ranked riders are becoming more and more fashionable as the fashion industry and the equestrian world are becoming closer and closer.
Historical is the collaboration between Charlotte Casiraghi and the Maison Gucci, also Jessica Springsteen is the 2016 Polo Ralph Lauren Ambassador.
As a couple, I would say Edwina Tops-Alexander and Jan Tops, Kent Farrington and Tiffany Foster, and Jane Richard Philips and Ignace Philips, among others.


Hi Norman,

Keeping a blog is a hard work but having the possibility to share the best friendship and love for horses and fashion with my followers and meeting them in person is a great privilege.


Hi Kim,

In my opinion Italy offers one of the best fashion and equestrian brands in the world and a lots of companies are doing a great job such as Kep Italia, Cavalleria Toscana, Vestrum and the very new Ublack. However the Italian horse culture still has a very big gap and need to be developed as equestrianism is limited to a very few people and the path to become a professional rider is very hard. Too much compared to the German neighbors.
I also love very much the English style, at the stable I wear a Barbour jacket since my childhood! And the Palace Collection created by Hobbs London in collaboration with Historic Royal Palaces inspired by Queen Victoria love for horses is simply amazing, very well detailed in fabrics and prints. The English designer Stella McCartney is a horse lover too and proposes very often equestrian-inspired items in her collections.
US also offers a lot in fashion, California is probably the most active country and you can find a lot on Instagram… bloggers, riders, brands. I have lots of American followers.


Hi Melinda,

Well, a capsule collection with British designer and horse lover Stella McCartney would be a dream! I love her unconventional style. She is making a difference in the fashion industry proving that you can have an exquisite fashion sense and not compromise on your strong believes. She has built the world’s first sizable global fashion brand rooted in sustainability that does not use any animal products — no leather, no fur, no skins, no feathers!


Hi Tessy,

Thanks for your question.
I think I have my own style when I am riding, I can’t tell you whether is good or not (we should ask to the horse :-) but I try to do my best to cooperate with my horses, paying lot of attention onto them and their body. If I can, I do some TTouch work before and after riding. I follow the Tellington Method by a few years now and this really helped me to communicate and find a better balance with them, and with myself too.
You can find lots of articles on my blog and very soon will be on air on ClassHorseTV my interview to the founder, Linda Tellington Jones who’s a kind of hero for me.


Hi Rebecca,

Thanks to Tacchi a Cavallo, I have the pleasure to work with several brands and projects, and what I like the most of being a blogger is that I can choose who to work with.
The very first collaboration has been with Longines, who believed in the project since the beginning and thanks to whom I have the opportunity to live the formula 1 show jumping events at the fullest next to the best riders and horses in the world, and also to enter into the amazing world of watchmaking that I did not know before. I love their timepieces, especially the Longines Equestrian Collection and the Longines Dolcevita.
The last collaboration with ClassHorseTV is also very interesting, though a completely different experience compared with writing and photographs, the live interviews are really challenging.
Regarding my collaborations with fashion brands, I am now working on some capsule collections for the upcoming new year and I try to support their communication strategy as a partner.